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Bambi Sleep stuff
(07 Nov 2022, 14:22 )shinybambi Wrote: Maybe keep it in secret under moderately warm regular clothes, under some cute pink sweater for example :3
Have you ever worn latex? 😋 If not - you should! Just buy some during the 11:11 Ali sale.

(07 Nov 2022, 14:22 )shinybambi Wrote: But it looks and feels great so who cares how impractical it is.
It feels great only in a very narrow temperature range. A bit warmer or a bit cooler, and the fun is gone.

(07 Nov 2022, 14:22 )shinybambi Wrote: Besides suggested base uniform is relatively cheap and easily available 😋
Yeah, I'm thinking about it.

(07 Nov 2022, 14:22 )shinybambi Wrote: Ah so that's why your SCM added pleasure file. Good girl 🙃
It's not THAT nasty, and it does not work anyway 😂 Cockslut works better.

(07 Nov 2022, 14:22 )shinybambi Wrote: and will also include all the custom files including 8.5 and little secret 😄
The playlist is aeady 1h45min 😬
(07 Nov 2022, 15:41 )Like Ra Wrote: Have you ever worn latex? 😋 If not - you should! Just buy some during the 11:11 Ali sale.
Had a little collection including those sexy dildo panties :3

(07 Nov 2022, 15:41 )Like Ra Wrote: It's not THAT nasty, and it does not work anyway 😂 Cockslut works better.
You don't know it yet. But files serve different purposes. Pleasure is about accepting "controversial" suggestions that might benefit good girl Bambi.

(07 Nov 2022, 15:41 )Like Ra Wrote: The playlist is aeady 1h45min 😬
Well it's defined like that in 8.5 🙃 Check out the script. It's about to make good girl a trance addict who trance all the time, because good girl Bambi does as she's told.
Chaos is Fun…damental
(07 Nov 2022, 16:07 )shinybambi Wrote: Had a little collection including those sexy dildo panties :3
Let's create a separate thread for that. I'm interested...

(07 Nov 2022, 16:07 )shinybambi Wrote: Pleasure is about accepting "controversial" suggestions that might benefit good girl Bambi.
I think all files are like that 😬 And ... I don't remember what's in that file .... 😂

(07 Nov 2022, 16:07 )shinybambi Wrote: Well it's defined like that in 8.5 🙃 Check out the script. It's about to make good girl a trance addict who trance all the time, because good girl Bambi does as she's told.
Yeah, kinda, true 😆
(04 Nov 2022, 12:06 )shinybambi Wrote: Try puppet/doll loops.
Control Loop - Doll is interesting. It's dedicated to trigger training (Reset, Limp, Freeze).
Control Loop - Puppet is not - too much dumbing down stuff. Same for Sleep Loop, Subliminal, etc.
I don't think this is one of the "original" loops, also I did not see it on b4e site.

Sleep Loop - Uniform Lock

Sleep Loop Uniform Lock.mp3 (Size: 14.22 MB )

I like this loop. Any ideas who the author is?
This story has just been posted on Reddit.

This is what was "before"

MicaMagique Wrote:A few days ago, I made a post about my first week or so with the files, went on to read other people's experiences and one thing I saw a lot was the mention of the uniform.

Being an office worker, I aeady have sort of a uniform and my brain made the whole math: office girl + Bambi uniform training = Office Slut Uniform. And I haven't even listened to the uniform file yet.

My question is, is it okay to mix the two things? My Bambi uniform will be different from my everyday work uniform, but there's bound to be some overlap. Would that be a problem?

About my ongoing experience, I feel it's been positive, in a weird way?

I don't feel like much has changed/happened, but I do feel happier and less stressed out. Really, much more positive and actively trying to spread more positivity around. I want people to feel happy like I haven't really wanted before, too.

Not much more to say today. Thanks for your attention!

The responses are very reasonable (the 2nd one answered one of my questions, and I came to the same conclusion):

Tom Tame Wrote:I would say there could be some issues if any of the articles of clothing bleed over to real life. How much of an issue this might be is difficult to say. You may experience some Bambi feelings or thoughts, or if you do it long enough, Bambi might take over when you least expect it. It would probably be best to keep the uniforms distinct from each other.

ElliEll Wrote:I'd keep them separate. Something i did after a while when I wanted uniforms to be closer to what I wear was to add something specific (a choker) that I mentally prepped as The Uniform, and then work other things with it.

I could then wear the other things without the choker and have them not be uniform.

Whether that works for you is down to how you interpret 'uniform' I guess

And this is the story:

MicaMagique Wrote:TL;DR: Went against common sense, made up a uniform that's basically a sexed up version of my normal work attire, day went by in a haze of sex thoughts and sex-smelling body, got called out by my supervisor who's the kind of woman who'd have you eat her out at work if it wouldn't get her fired, was let out earlier, masturbated until I fell asleep, woke up, wrote this post. I'm loving it.

As mentioned, I'm an office worker. While our dress code is just a generally formal one, I like to go office lady style: blouse, skirt, stockings, sensible heels. That's what I based my Bambi uniform off of.

It consisted of a set of black lace lingerie (bra, thongs, garter and stockings), white satin blouse unbuttoned down to my belly button and a black leather mini skirt. I tried wearing heels for a while, but it was uncomfortable as hell, so I ditched them for the sessions. The only thing I added, following a suggestion on my earlier post, was a black lace choker with a heart-shaped black gem.

I had sessions in uniform for the following four days, adding the uniform file to the trance training playlist and didn't think much of it as it didn't seem to affect me much. Then came this morning.

I woke up, took a shower and got to modestly dressing myself how I normally do before breakfast. Then I saw the choker sitting at my dressing table. That's when I felt a stab at my heart. I wasn't ready at all. I was missing something. It was the choker. How could I have forgotten the choker? When I looked in a mirror again, I saw the choker on my neck. I was smiling. I felt very happy.

I went to the kitchen, ate my overnight oats, went back to the bedroom to grab my purse, looked in a mirror. Something was way off.

Next thing I know, I'm looking at myself wearing red lacy bra and thongs, putting my blouse and skirt on. Turn around, turn back. Nope. Blouse and skirt on the ground again, garter on. Blouse on. Why am I wearing a skirt this long anyway? I have something better somewhere. Thigh-high pencil skirt, check. Bonus points for showing off a bit of thigh. Oh, four-inch heels to top it off, instead of the two inches I was going for before. My reflection was beaming at me.

I strut into my workplace. Our receptionist is a more-or-less conservative 55 years old lady who was aeady sitting at her desk. Points at me and says that I might want to take care of "that", considering how cold it was. I look down, my blouse is a few good buttons open, enough to share some of my modest B cup cleavage. It wasn't cold to me, taking into account how much I was sweating, but I do the buttons anyway because of workplace ethics.

My heart was pounding. My chest felt three times its size and ten times its weight. I felt myself bouncing as I walked, and I wasn't making any effort to. Working with others was the kind of nightmare you want to have. I blinked and suddenly there was a naked man or woman sitting in front or besides me.

About an hour and a half from leaving, my supervisor calls me to her room. Now, my boss is a dominant (as was established between some of us after work hours before), married, thick shortstack kind of woman who didn't need to get implants bigger than her natural breast size after winning against breast cancer but did, because she could.

She tells me a colleague have complained about my "smell" and only then I notice. I smell of cunt juice and sweat. She then says she's letting me go early, to "take care of my problems" and that the next time I dress like "that" to work, I'll have the obligation to accept the invitation to go out for a happy hour (which I have declined before because she's that kind of dangerous).

I get home, bust out a couple of dildos, start fucking myself and sucking on one of them furiously. And that's that.

I woke up about two and a half hours ago, started writing this post a few minutes later, got horny remembering what I could about my day, masturbated again, and am now finishing this.

Like I said in the TL;DR, I'm loving these feelings. They are scarier but much more arousing than scarier, which in itself is even scarierer. I think what caused the "uniformed state" for me was the choker, because even though I felt off before it, things only escalated once I put on the odd piece out. Could I have resisted the urge to put it on? I think so, yes. Will I be more careful with it? The honest answer in my head is "probably". This is the first trigger in the files that has worked for me, and it is scary. I think I might want a safer condition to play with it, if I managed to find it. Other than that, that's it.

The post is too long aeady, so I think I'll let it go here for now. I will try and give more updates as more things happen. Thanks for your attention.

MicaMagique Wrote:My playlist was 1, 2, 3 and 10 from the Bimbodoll Conditioning series. Used for about three weeks, I wanna say, with some days off. Introduced 7, Bambi Uniformed, about five days ago.

I want to avoid the IQ files, and I'm not too keen on being taken over either, though there are some files names that have gotten me curious about them, and I'm willing to bet they lean very heavily into one or the other, if not both.

I'm also thinking about toning down even the uniform file because like people said, it does seem like it could be a bit more dangerous than necessary, specially considering my very conscious willingness to let things bleed into each other.

I went skimming through the 3d file and I don't think I associate what happens at the end of file 3 as dumbing down, though I can see why that's one of the interpretations.

If anything, I have been feeling like there's a lot more "empty space" or "empty time" in general throughout my days, after I started listening. Moments that feel very, very meaningless. Do I feel dumber, though? No, I don't think so, but I have been looking for more sexual ways to fill in those empty spaces in my days.

I've read that snippet of the file a few times now, and it's difficult to describe how I feel about it. I guess I should feel scared, or mad? Hell, betrayed? But I remember how my body felt throughout the afternoon and even now, and I can't seem to find negativity in it. I'm probably choosing to focus on the good and not on what I don't want, or maybe it is the files, and I'm just rationalizing, but it's just like I said: considering how I've felt through the day, I can't seem to get myself mad at it.
@MicaMagique - just in case - I activated your account. Welcome to the forum! 😊

Impressive story!
(08 Nov 2022, 03:42 )Like Ra Wrote: @MicaMagique - just in case - I activated your account. Welcome to the forum! 😊

Impressive story!

Thank you for sharing my story here and for the account activation. Gmail has been shitty for a while now.
Wow, cool avatar @MicaMagique ! Do you have a bigger picture?
@Like Ra


For who's interested, I just finished reading through Bambi Named and Drained and it's another experience entirely being awake while reading a session.

First of all, I didn't feel much of the trigger's effects, which has been a theme when I'm not listening. I do feel some things, just not the effect they are meant to have, I guess. Still, it managed to "grab" me, and I felt engaged in much of it.

When it mentioned the first bubble and putting everything related to my name inside of it, so it could be taken away, I was very happy to oblige. I wanted it to be taken away if just for the sake of feeling it happen, which it didn't, but the name Bambi did make/is making me smile like a dumb bimbo, I guess.
Afterwards, as the text started describing how the old personality was being taken away and replaced by what Bambi is, I started thinking about what it would feel like and what I would be doing, to which my body immediately gave an answer by starting to grind against my armchair. I felt my eyes go wide, I saw a flash of white light not in front of me, but inside of my head, as if I was looking at an x-ray and there was just white inside my head. I felt something inside of me shrink and when I focused my eyes, I saw my hand towards the imaginary bubble, trying to put something inside. That was probably too much because I snapped out of it and went back to reading.

And then I read: "And as I count back from 5 Bambi's breasts will grow and her IQ will drop". This led to a inner dialogue that I'm still thinking about as I write.

Is it worth it? Why? How? What do you have to gain? What do you lose? Are tits worth a career? For every question one side asked, the other had sort of an answer. Emphasis on sort.
Yes, it is worth it because you stop feeling bad about having a good body and small breasts.
How? Hypnosis isn't magic and won't make them grow, so go spend your money on a breast augmentation.
What do I gain? Bigger tits. I also lose small tits. And on the topic of careers, you can make one around them. Look at the internet, it's not uncommon. Or look at your supervisor. She's a sort of powerful woman who had a breast augmentation. Why not?
At the end I just asked for whatever part of me was debating it to just go away and let me have the moment, and it did.

I read a bit more, got to the final stretch of the text where old self is encased in pink satin, went to my wardrobe and got my own pink satin nightie. Threw my PJs on the ground, the nightie over my body and it's the most refreshing feeling in the world right now. That and I listened to my urges and got a dildo that I'm playing with and making this three times as long to type.

If I had to use one word to describe how I feel right now it would be motivated.
Reading through the script I don't think Bambi is good motivation in general, as in trying to make you a better individual or the likes, but it is good at motivating you sexually, in a sexualized manner. It's very good at describing how things should be while leaving enough for your brain to fill in the blank spaces, which, I think, leads to acceptance.
For instance, I don't feel dumb after a month of using the files or reading the script just now, but I am aware now of the dumb excuses I'm making to allow myself to be led by these ideas.

Honestly, I still keep my opinion the same as before. I'm loving it.

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