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Bambi Sleep stuff
I don't really remember, but I took a lot of slutty photos and my dm's were filled with bimbo-style messages. I think it wasn't really that bad but It put in heavy bimbo space and couldn't stop saying Bambi. I felt like I lost all control tbh. It felt so hot
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
Is there any chance the files could get posted here? , I looked at the reddit post but apparently you have to message the guy directly so he can give them to you. Or there is a link to a website where you can listen like soundcloud but I'd rather have it saved on my pc and make a backup incase stuff gets deleted. 
(12 Nov 2022, 19:58 )redara Wrote: Or there is a link to a website where you can listen like soundcloud but I'd rather have it saved on my pc and make a backup incase stuff gets deleted.
The links in my post lead directly to the player with the files.
Oh, has anyone tried out the ADHD friendly bambi files?

Here's a mega link for the offline version:

Oh, and hi to everyone!
(16 Nov 2022, 05:43 )luftifuzz Wrote: the ADHD friendly bambi files
What is the difference?

(16 Nov 2022, 05:43 )luftifuzz Wrote: Oh, and hi to everyone!
And welcome! 🙂
(16 Nov 2022, 06:15 )Like Ra Wrote:
(16 Nov 2022, 05:43 )luftifuzz Wrote: the ADHD friendly bambi files
What is the difference?

For the basic file, a far more effective binaural tone, and there's a quick induction in between 2 and 3 to help deepen trance. And when I say more effective tone, I mean it~ It totally put me into a really deep trance when I listened to it.
It was a really interesting experience because I had never sunk that low with the basic files before. When I was told that my name was Bambi, I felt arousal I never felt before, and my heart started racing even though I was tranced so hard I couldn't move, and I felt the voice *pour* Bambi into me. It was super intense! A bit too intense because I woke up soon after...
(16 Nov 2022, 05:43 )luftifuzz Wrote: Oh, has anyone tried out the ADHD friendly bambi files?

Here's a mega link for the offline version:

Oh, and hi to everyone!

I tried the basic training file one, before listening I tried communicating to my subconscious that I don't want the IQ reduction suggestions to go through by writing on a piece of paper and reading it out loud. The trance was really nice, and I went super deep at some point I felt a lot of pleasure from being called Bambi and the good girl trigger being said over and over again, it was very nice. After the trance ended I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night feeling super aroused and my body felt hot, it almost felt like I was being constantly triggered when I was asleep or something or my subconscious was still processing all the triggers that were being said during trance. It was fun but also ruined my sleep that night, it reminded me of when I listened to the sex mania hypno files, I also woke up in the middle of the night feeling hot and aroused, and I couldn't fall back to sleep. I'm going to take a break from the Bambi files for as long as I can resist it because the day after my mind felt so sluggish like I was constantly zoning out when people were talking to me and I probably had a vacant look on my face even when I was trying hard to be engaged in the conversation, at least I had no issue with overthinking things  😁 . Thankfully, the effects are diminishing, but I can really see Bambi taking over if I practice daily and had a uniform.
As someone who struggles listening to the boring 1 2 3 10 playlists, I would say the ADHD edit was really amazing for someone like me or many others like me who have never gotten much out of Bambi files. The new Binerual just hit me so well that my brain just shut off completely. I never had such focus when listening to the files before. I have been listening to hypnosis since 2006 and I went under maybe one time back in 2011. I have been listening to Bambi since 2017 when they first came out. A lot of the time, when listening to the OG files, I would have a wandering brain and no sensations and would fall asleep. With the ADHD edit, I am dropping a lot deeper than expected. I experience a lot more arousing and really feminine thoughts. I have watched myself call myself Bambi from time to time. It's just top-tier.

The good news is, the person who made this ADHD file, made another file that helps with the more hardcore triggers. Making these stick lot deeper.

As someone that been on the Bambi server for a long time, I have seen a lot of people say these files help them, exp Bambi, more realistically. I have dropped into bimbo headspace because of the edit. I even have pictures I don't remember taking lol.
I am Sinker not a Thinker - Bimbo Trance Slut
(16 Nov 2022, 21:58 )StarBlazerBambi Wrote: the person who made this ADHD file, made another file that helps with the more hardcore triggers. Making these stick lot deeper.

Let's quote the whole post, while it's still there:

u/BarbaCojePutitas Wrote:Hello everysissy again,
An advanced file for your training and entertainment. Clocking 1 hour 4 minutes

It's made primarily of Bambi Sleep Files with a little extra, only reinforcing general Bambi sluttiness.
Trains and installs all the hardest triggers in the original Bambi Sleep blogsite.
Several effects are used to increase confusion and induce Trance (A different binaural tone for example)
Having a good trigger reaction and discipline changes this file from sexy to terribly strong.
As always, I hope you enjoy it.
All the warnings that apply to the hardest levels of Bambi Sleep apply to this file.
Extreme Bimbo Conditioning, submissiveness, and desire to serve and obey. Bimbo doll Will listen To this File and Obey ....

As always I try to make files easy to follow along even if you are the kind to drift attention away. (ADHD and similar cases)

Long boring text:
I've been talking to other content makers, and some trainers, exchanging ideas and techniques, I'm growing as a content producer thanks to these great people.

I'm still thinking and writing, whenever I get time, to try and make either packages with the files, similar to Bambi Sleep, and a way to have my files easy to download, and listen on loop, everyone has a preferred method. Regrettably, there are no good hosts that allow "looping, download, playlists and continuous listening".

For now my files will be on Soundcloud (phasing out older files), Mixcloud or downloadable from Google drive.

Always open to talk or answer questions as time permits.

PS: Dudebt I'm still tinkering with your investigation, always interested on what you find out!

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