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Asian girls in swimsuits lube?
At least, that's what it looks like to me... a pity about their bare legs though.

01.jpg thumbnail    02.jpg thumbnail    03.jpg thumbnail    04.jpg thumbnail    05.jpg thumbnail    06.jpg thumbnail    07.jpg thumbnail    08.jpg thumbnail    09.jpg thumbnail    10.jpg thumbnail    11.jpg thumbnail    12.jpg thumbnail    13.jpg thumbnail    14.jpg thumbnail    15.jpg thumbnail    16.jpg thumbnail    17.jpg thumbnail    18.jpg thumbnail    22.jpg thumbnail    21.jpg thumbnail   
Aha! This is the Asics :"suit in question"!

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More white Asics, surely these are photo-chopped?

o_d_3272.jpg thumbnail    o_d_3442.jpg thumbnail    o_d_3565.jpg thumbnail    o_d_3590.jpg thumbnail    o_d_4002.jpg thumbnail    o_d_4018.jpg thumbnail    o_d_4043.jpg thumbnail    o_d_3837.jpg thumbnail    o_d_3474.jpg thumbnail    6.jpg thumbnail   
The skin-coloured suit is definitely not Asics, but I would like to have both. One of my childhood dreams ;-)
Incidentally, Asics is an acronym for 'Anima sana in corpore sano'. Not that I think the photographer of the earlier pics was particularly 'Anima sana'... Tongue
Adding to the thread: Shiny Speedo S2000. A dream, just a dream...
Very Nice ^^ I'm saving some of these
Love this...
Well, she must be VERY happy... <smirk>
1C84538D-4572-4EE4-A4CE-17DCAB758DD5.jpeg thumbnail   
Slippery leotards!

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