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The Ropeville Chronicle

I love minimalism. Everywhere. Especially in photography. Especially in fetish photography. Only the necessary. Not related – remove it. Pure fetish. Fetish concentrate. Check Liv’s site, for example.
Latex in closet

Pantyhose meditation

Just found this video. I like the slow meditative motion of the pantyhose legs.

Searching in Japanese

The Internet is overflown with zentai, hentai, manga and other adult oriented stuff. But what about the motherland of these well-known terms? Time to search in Japanese!

zentai ゼンタイ
full-body tights
hentai 変態
abnormal, strange, weird, queer, pervert, kinky, almost a cursing word in Japanese. Incorrectly used in the rest of the world for adult manga
kigurumi 着ぐるみ costumed animal characters
seinen 成年 adult
gazō 画像 image, picture, portrait
manga 漫画 cartoon, comics
adult manga 成人漫画 erotic cartoons
18+ 18禁 prohibited to those not yet 18 years old
ecchi or ethci エッチ
(1st letter of Hentai) soft erotica, naughty
shibari 縛り
tying, binding with rope
shibaru 縛る
to tie, to bind with rope
hojojutsu 捕縄術 is the traditional Japanese martial art of restraining a person using cord or rope.
nawajutsu 縄術 same as above
houhou 方法
a method, a way, a system
a method
shibari-kata 縛り方
methods of tying, binding with rope
ushiro-te-shibari 後ろ手縛り tying hands behind the back
a rope
nawa-shi 縄師 a rope master
nawa shibari 縄縛り “rope-tying with rope”
incorrect term invented by non-japanese
kinbaku 緊縛 bondage
jibaku 自縛 self-bondage
Serufu-bondeji セルフボンデージ Japanese transliteration of “self-bondage”
簡易自縛 simple self-bondage
jibaku-houhou 自縛方法 self-bondage methods
kikkou 亀甲 turtle shell
kikkou-shibari 亀甲縛り the binding in a form of a turtle shell
The body. The term is incorrectly used instead of kikkou-shibari
tejo 手錠 handcuffs
kanchou 浣腸

rinsing of colons or enema

Pantīsutokkingu パンティーストッキング pantyhose
Taitsu タイツ tights
mizugi 水着 swimsuit
ratekkusu ラテックス latex
rabā mizugi ラバー水着 rubber swimsuit
masuku マスク mask
tebukuro 手袋 glove(s)
niku benki 肉便器 human toilet (literally: urinal meat)
joshikō-sei 女子高生 schoolgirl

A fetishist? What’s that?

All dressed up — in latex and dog collars. A brilliant article about fetishism and fetishists written by Brian Alexander from MSNBC.  (Thanks to Bound Tiger, who published a link to the article and a friend of him, who showed Tiger the article).

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Fetish and advertisements

To my great pleasure, pure fetish is used in advertising more frequently. This is what I discovered in my postbox (and in the shop windows also):

Latex and Colour

… Japanese way ( )

Latex and colour Pink latex Pink latex dog Blue latex

… Russian way ( )

Pink latex stockings Pink latex stockings Pink latex stockings Aurora Purple latex

Fetish Halloween Party in Moscow

Rubbear gallery

Halloween in latex Halloween in latex Halloween in latex Halloween in latex H

LatexCat’s gallery

Aurora’s diary

Halloween in latex Halloween in latex

Fetish matryoshka with a secret

Bondage matryoshkaBondage matryoshka (in some countries they are called babooshka or baboesjka) with a secret.

Need inspiration? Ask Masakazu Shimizu

No! Just one more thing! (I’m beginning to love Blogging and this is a bad sign…) I have to share this link with you. Ages ago I saved it under the name “to get ideas”
If you haven’t seen Masakazu Shimizu’s works (I’ve been collecting for years) and like fetish anime/hentai you have to visit his site. It’s in Japanese, but very easy to navigate.

Lot’s of pictures, lot’s of links, lot’s of fun, lot’s of ideas.
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Sexy pissoirs/urinals removed from McDonalds or Bound Human Toilets. Part I

Toilets. Sexy urinalsAccording to the article in AD such nice urinals have been removed from McDonalds toilets in Heerlen (NL). That reminds me something …

The so called “human toilets“… See 24 pictures and two videos below.

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