What is fetish? Part I. By Kumi Monster.

Rather short and up to the point explanation by Kumi Monster posted in JWZ blog. (Did I mention that Kumi is easily my favourite fetish person? I intentionally avoided using the word “model”).

“not much time to explain it all but besides the multitude of fetishes out there that have to do with latex like girls in catsuits or fancy fashiony dresses or stockings, there’s also quite a few that dont care for that type of thing at all. they prefer their latex layered or in thicker gauges.

it’s called heavy rubber and there’s an internationally available magazine of the same name out there too.

it consists of any and all of the following layering latex, transparent latex or solid colors, total and partial enclosure, breath control, sensory deprivation, gasmasks, tubes, corsets, neck corsets, and binders (usually over more latex), sheets and capes, wading boots, latex sacks, etc, etc. there are some that also dig diving equipment and neoprene, vinyl (raincoats), etc (www.fetisheyes.com)

sleep sacks and bodybags and vacbeds (www.vacbed.com) then take you into another area of fetishism… mummification. of course, rubber enthusiasts prefer their forms of “capture” in latex, but other types do exist of course.

why do people like them? well, short n sweet, it’s a part of bdsm. for some it’s a fear, in many cases movement is limited if at all, and your giving up control to whoever is there. sometimes being able to challenge that fear , claustrophobia for example, allows for personal satisfaction (in more ways than one). pushing limits and edge play too such as autoerotic asphyxia plays a part sometimes. but i digress.

as far as the latex goes, different things turn different people on. most people dig latex because of the obvious. they imagine some sort of hot bod in a catwoman outfit. the latex is tight, shiny, formfitting and shows off bits that people didn’t realize they had. it’s slick to the touch if polished up right and it does take some confidence to wear normally. though i must say, the photo that jwz posted earlier was not one of my favorites – nor was it me. so anyways, you have shiny. then you have the feel of the stuff, smooth and slick with lube or else tacky with dry fingers. it makes a rubbery nose when pulled on. people dig that too. oh and the smell. some people love that new car smell, some people dig leather gloves, others love the smell of latex in the morning. and yes, since i am addressing the senses, there is also taste involved. with all that rubber around, you end up tasting bits and pieces of all the accessories too.

i met a chick this weekend who has a fantasy of being devoured by giant snails while wearing nylon blouses. go figure. people and their kinks come in all sorts of forlms, some more accepted than others, some more mainstream than others.

a lot of these things are defined online. pretty easy to find, but of course, the opinions of the sources to vary depending on their acceptance levels.”

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