Latex kigurumi or 3D manipulation? Updated

I’ve stumbled upon this photo on the Inet. The site the picture was apparently originated does not exist anymore, so I’m left puzzled. The photo looks real, but that’s what digital manipulation software is for.

If it’s not fake, then it would be quite interesting to know how the suit is made.

Apparently this is a known character (Asuka?). I’ve found some drawings by Masakazu Shimizu (黒妖社, aka. Kokuyosya) in the series called “Asuka” and “Asuka 2”.

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  1. She’s a pilot in the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, so that outfit is sort of a jump suit.

  2. I’ve posted pics of an Asuka crossplayer on the ‘lycra’ forum.

  3. Funny, they called it “plug suit” ;-P

    Certainly in the second pic it is! I have some more fetish drawings of Asuka somewhere, I’ll try to find them tomorrow.

  4. On latex-kigurumi-01:

    Personally, looking at the face and at the costume, the hand over all, it seem a really good photomanipulation of a human female face over a model resin kit.

  5. querthe ” wrote:

    female face over a model resin kit.

    That’s a very good point! Gonna search for that kit, let’s see if the pose is the same…

  6. Modifying standard model kits by removing parts and rebuilding them in different positions using epoxy putty etc is a fairly popular pass-time in some places, I understand…

  7. On latex-kigurumi-01:

    I, erm, Ok WTF, a friend has an account on Deviantart, she’s a cosplayer and she has done an “Asuka Langley” cosplay (BTW it’s from the “Evangelion” series)

    her other costumes are heck of attractive, too.

    Last I heard of it, it was tailored for her, and it’s called “leather Lycra” here in México, or spandex, AFAIK.

  8. Alejandro ” wrote:

    she has done an “Asuka Langley” cosplay

    Great suit! Looks like latex, but according to her notes it’s indeed lycra. PVC coated lycra?

  9. She seem a popular character with cosplayers. Over at there are 180 people with photo accounts of themselves dressed as Asuka (or Rei, who has the blue bob-cut hair in the hentai posted above). Admittedly not all wearing ‘plugsuits’ though. When I have an hour to spare I’ll sort out the most ‘interesting’ ones and post them on the forum thread.

    If I could navigate the ‘Cure’ cosplay site they’d probably be many more. Unfortunately it’s only accessible to members and only in Japanese. Even after I managed to work out how to register it’s next to impossible to find anything even using an on-line translator.

  10. BTW, its called a plug suit, because the cockpits for Evangelion Units is a plug call the entry plug that is driven into the Evangelion’s spine.

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