Fetish, Self-bondage, Children or How did it begin?

Do you remember when and how “it” began? When did you discover the urge to be tightly tied up and gagged? Or to pull on a swimsuit or shiny pantyhose?

Was it something you saw on the TV or read in a book (like scenes with bound kids, superheroes, catwomen)?
Did you play with other kids (“Cowboys and Indians”, “Cops and Robbers”?) and they tied you down to a tree when “that” suddenly happened?
Did someone (a sister, a brother or your mom) dressed you in something tight or shiny and you fell in love with this material?
Was it an “unattended adult magazine” left in the bathroom?

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2 thoughts on “Fetish, Self-bondage, Children or How did it begin?”

  1. Yeah several things. I didn’t really realize I was into this kind of stuff until I was about 13 though
    Apparently I loved to rub my moms spandex bra when I was about 1-2. One of my friends had handcuffs and I was always interested in those. Swim lessons. Not sure how I got into pantyhose/tights.

  2. For me the pantyhose fetish began with blue a bit lacy opaque nylon pantyhose I had to wear when I was around 5-6yo. I hated cotton tights before (and still do), but the nylon hosiery made the difference!

    The rest is in the forum thread 😉

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