Pantyhose encasement and bicycles or Art Parade in New-York

ph-bike-march-11All I know is that the girls are wearing pantyhose on legs and arms (can we call it pantyhose encasement?) , they are riding bikes and that this all probably happened in New-York.

If anybody knows more about this event, please let us know.

13 photos below.
Thanks to Porter!

8 thoughts on “Pantyhose encasement and bicycles or Art Parade in New-York”

  1. It’s definitely in New York City. Second to last thumb you can see a banner in the background on the building, “NYC”. These women are all wearing some sort of cup over their breasts, and most are in thongs, making this event legal technically. I’d still love to see it!

  2. Yep, world naked bike ride. Been in 2 and helped at one other (security for the participants).

  3. I would have loved to have participated in this pantyhose bicycle parade. I’m sure there were men who were included and being a man who enjoys wearing pantyhose and cycling this would have been fantastic to be a part of!


  4. If I had been fortunate enough to have ridden in the pantyhose bicycle parade, should I have worn just pantyhose? I wonder if the other pantyhose clad cyclists would have been supportive?


  5. What would make this fun is the sex bicycle pedal powered pussy/ass screwing machine any takers….i already squirt like a mofo riding from my house to the grocery store in my skirt n T string Thong w a white blouse so imagine this fully nude i ride Fast,i ask more people to try it

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