Swimsuits with corsets for men and women

We (men) are not left alone! Jeroen van de Klis from Bizarre Designs (NL) designed a leather (Jeroen also works with latex) swimsuit with a built-in corset.

While the women’s “corsuit” (this word is my invention 😉 looks like (and is) a piece of art (see photos below!) , the version for men is “more practical” and works as a chastity device and can be used as lockable clothes (see the description below).

So many self-bondage possibilities!!!

6 thoughts on “Swimsuits with corsets for men and women”

  1. Wow, this is straight from some of my fantasies of a one piece swimsuit/corset/chastity device for a male. Absolutely beautiful and want to know where I can get one :). A would love to see a version where the neck/rear straps were like a racer back suit.

  2. Yes, an ultimate suit. I would prefer to have a latex version. With a built in piss condom pointed downwards connected to a piss gag built into a neck corset (built into a latex hood).

    Next step is a built-in self-bondage single-sleeve (or single-glove).

    Yeah, I’m good at dreams and imagination ;-D

  3. Hello! !

    Nice to meet you. I always read blog happily.
    I am a rubber lover. When ed this watched the photograph of the swimsuit, I came to want it very. Where, will you produce it? ? ? ? Please teach some reason.
    I expect pleasant blog from now on.

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