Jeffery Scott. Fetish, bondage, disturbing pics or fine photo art?

Jeffery Scott (1019) began with sculpture (he became one of the lead clay sculptors at Gentle Giant Studios) , then discovered painting, what also did not give him all he wanted but compromises:

I would stay up for three days straight working on a piece. No rest. No peace of mind. Hard. like coal mining. And for what results? I was never happy with any of my paintings. They all just seem to represent one thing to me – compromise. I felt like I was always just “settling” for a lesser image. They were never exactly what I had in my mind.

He started photographing models for his paintings. The next step is obvious, isn’t it? Digital photography and image manipulation. The ultimate freedom (since nothing else is yet available) what a sculptor and artist can get:

I didn’t have to compromise anymore. Now I can illustrate EXACTLY what is in my head. I just keep going until it is accurate to my vision. I love it!

No boundaries, just imagination. And layers, layers and layers of thoroughly thought out “information” and the “mood”.

Ha, interesting, after I had written the phrase above, I noticed the following on Jeffery’s website:

The photos can be looked at as layers upon layers of information communicating to the viewer, a series of in-depth philosophies, concepts and stories. Thought provoking titles also aid in this communication, drawing the viewer even deeper into the artists emotive and contemplative realms.

Very eloquent but not very far from what I wrote 😉 Anyway, see some of his works below. BTW, you can buy them (no affiliation!).


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