Stockings with jeans. What’s the thrill?

A very frequently asked question. Indeed, why to wear fishnets, colour pantyhose or stockings under jeans? What’s the thrill?

The thrill is in holes! Either “natural” holes or strategically placed ones. Personally, I do not like bare skin and I would wear very thin, almost invisible but shiny pantyhose underneath stockings.

See also my way of wearing shiny pantyhose and fishnets with jeans and do not forget about another “natural hole” – the space just above the shoes 😉

Via Nadja Muhs (Facebook)

3 thoughts on “Stockings with jeans. What’s the thrill?”

  1. for me the thrill is the feeling, do it almost every day and jeans feel totally different on pantyhose. with control tops i don’t even wear boxers/panties and the added benefit is less irritation from the texas heat from skin touching skin between the legs 😀

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