Bound children, safety bondage and the real cruel world. Demotivators of the day.

The more I read news and the more I look around, the more I believe in what Trevor Brown was saying about his art. The real world is simultaneously simpler and more complex, than what we think about it.

What we think “it” is is just a percentage of what “it” really is, the rest is our education, experience, personality, perversions, emotions, imagination, sensors, etc…

Sometimes a banana is just a banana…

Li Wancheng has bound his 12-year-old daughters’ (Li Luqin and Li Shuangqin) hands each day because he says they would harm themselves if he didn’t.

The family lives on a roadside in southwest China’s Yunnan Province as Li tries to save enough money to get treatment for his daughters.

While bound Luqin cried and struggled, trying to get free from the rope biting into her wrists, her father said: “When they were two they were found to be not normal. The elder Luqin would hit herself from time to time, and her sister Shuangqin can’t walk.

“The local hospitals couldn’t find the reasons but gave the diagnosis that Luqin is mentally disabled while Shuangqin is physically disabled.”

Today, he says Luqin doesn’t recognize him, while Shuangqin is unable to walk unaided.

Sympathetic onlookers requested the father release Luqin from the ropes but once released she hit herself on the face with her fists.

Li Wancheng then had to struggle to tie her up once again.

An interesting side note. Many people mention that they feel more safe when tightly bound, gagged and blindfolded. They feel protected, like if they’re back into the womb.

For some, bondage is the freedom. Freedom to express themselves, freedom from their own will (see Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov“).

I find awful and horrible what happens with these poor girls and their parents, but on the other hand, imagine what would happen with them if the parent had money but the mental illness was not curable? Would they spend all their life in either half-drugged state or bound (yes, still bound…) in a white hospital room? I’m not sure if this perspective would be better for them than being publicly bound on a fresh air… Yes, shocking and humiliating experience for both passer-byes and parents, but…

… they are free, well cared about (look at the neat and clean clothes), and still with loving parents. I hope they will receive enough donations for proper treatment, though.


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