2000 registered users in the forum!

pantyhose encasement and mummificationYes, we have 2000 registered users in the forum! While I do understand that most users are coming for pictures, it would be nice to raise the percentage of actively participating and contributing colleagues to at least 2%.

The most active threads at the moment:

Men in pantyhose
Swimming in pantyhose
Swimming in latex
Men in swimsuits and leotards
Bound men in feminine clothes and femdom fetish art
Pantyhose encasement bondage

One thought on “2000 registered users in the forum!”

  1. 2000 self-confessed perverts!


    Even if only 2% are posting, 100% are brave enough to sign-up – good for you!

    The most important thing is the website itself…

    …and that’s all down to Ra!

    So 100% success to the mighty Ra, without whome we would all be lost in the WWW without a place to call home

    Good for you Ra!


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