Simple bondage. Part IV

Imagination is an interesting thing. Human brain extrapolates what it “sees” to what it “fears”, “wishes”, “loves” or “gets used to”. Smell of leather may “lead” to a new car, a new golf bag or a new leather dress. Mostly something “new”, new experience, new adventure, new lust, new thrill.

Elements of bondage can be as simple as a silk scarf used as a blindfold, or heavy inescapable handcuffs. Simple bondage contains only a couple of bondage elements regardless of their “escapability”. It’s not necessary to see the whole picture, the whole scene or to know the story behind the image. It’s your mind and imagination what make it “whole”, full of sounds, expectations, feelings and passion.

See 12 photos below.

One thought on “Simple bondage. Part IV”

  1. On simple-bondage-22:

    Sometimes, Simple bondage is the best. Like the picture shows. Simple, clean and stuck. No way to get out until you get the key.


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