Self-bondage art. Part X. Dan’s art

See previous parts here.

These self-bondage drawings are made by Dan. I used to have a link to his other galleries, but unfortunately I lost it after one of the browser crashes.

Hope you can get some ideas what to do and what not to do (speaking of the self-bondage safety and precautions: what might happen if you fall down? or how do you get the key?…)

12 pictures below.

9 thoughts on “Self-bondage art. Part X. Dan’s art”

  1. Love them!

    Even if they are, in some cases, extreme or virtually impossible in real life they still inspire and delight.

    I’d seen some but not all – good find!

    … are there more I wonder?


  2. Madjack ” wrote:

    … are there more I wonder?

    I have some interesting bondage drawings from the same author, but not selfbondage. Will post them in the forum.

  3. I was more interested in the position than the release – I’m not about to tie myself up with a naked flame about. After seeing the pic I was wondering about using an ice counterbalance on a dowel with the key slid onto it at the opposite end. As the ice melts, the end of the dowel holding the key dips and it eventually slides off. Too elaborate maybe…

  4. I would say it’s a very difficult position especially for self-bondage. If you lose your balance and fall aside, you will not be able to regain the same sitting position (it might be quite painful as well). Moving around I think is also impossible, so the release should not be based upon a falling key or a knife but rather ice-padlocks or something similar.

  5. I’ve been tied in a similar position; wrists to the outside of my ankles with elbows inside my knees and forearms under my calves. Doing the second tie is fiddly to do well on your own. Crossing your ankles makes it easier to tie and it also helps to get some relief for your shoulders and lower back and reduce the desire to roll backwards. I never tried tying my toes to stop this. In the pic using the spreader bar to hold the knees apart and wrists down seems like it would make the setup easier – its definitely worth a few trial runs, maybe with a chain from collar to spreader bar centre too.

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