What a latex dress is about

Latex lovers are everywhere. Some of them like to wear latex clothes, some prefer to look at someone else dressed in latex. I bet you all can name a couple of reasons “why”.

A couple of the reasons can be clearly seen on the photos (below) I stumbled while surfing the Facebook. It was one of those “gotcha!” moments – “yes, that’s why!”

Credit: beautiful Tina Hägvist

7 thoughts on “What a latex dress is about”

  1. you can usualy tell if someone likes wearing it or not by the way they wear it. like this girl is always touching the latex. others you see focus on the pose

  2. Tina is very focused on the pose, hence, she’s touching latex 😉

    I already said that before, many times: most women love the attention they get by wearing fetish clothes. But would they wear latex/lycra/zentai if they knew that nobody would see them? Just for themselves?

  3. I’m a male, and I love wearing tight latex clothing – I just love the feel of it on me, not that other people may see me in it

  4. Ben ” wrote:

    I’m a male … just love the feel of it on me

    Exactly… Most men (unlike women) are like that. And mostly because it’s not common for a man clothed like you’ve described to be seen outside. We have no choice but to enjoy ourselves alone.

    Unless you have an understanding partner.

  5. i love latex a lot… i would like to have the money and the posibilitys to have one 🙁

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