latex inflatable hood stockings corset artSee Part I, Part II.

Sometimes it begins with a musical phrase heard on the radio or in a shopping centre, with a movie trailer or with a single photo from an advertisement campaign. But “it” “catches” you and you begin to ask around or search the Internet trying to find who it was. The singer, the actor or the photographer.

It was exactly one of these cases – I spotted the drawing (on the left) on one of the *chans. And that was enough to start the investigation. Fortunately, “the barcode” was not removed what greatly simplified the process.

And this is what I managed to dig out:

Her (yes, her! This brilliant self-taught fetish artist is a woman!) name is Nemain Ravenwood

  • Born in March 1979 in Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • Lives in Saarbrücken (Germany, close to France)
  • Her interest in fetish art began with pin-up images, then she discovered ballet boots and latex, what gave it proper start.
  • Began to play with Poser in 2002
  • Now Nemain owns a marketing agency and pay sites (see below)
  • She loves the look of kinky outfit (latex, corsets, high heels, gas masks), but apparently not the feel of it.
  • Nemain dresses her sub into such outfit, but wears latex only occasionally, a couple of times a year.
  • Latex is her “skin of choice”

36 images from various places:

You can find Nemain here: