Post #1000!!!

This is my blog post number 1000! Let’s count them all:

  • 1000 blog posts (and 4795 uploaded images)
  • 37 blog pages
  • 1,162 forum posts (and 466 uploaded images)
  • 4000+ posts in all iterations of the tights for men forum (3457 on the last version)
  • 500+ posts in various bondage forums
  • + countless comments here, there and everywhere

Close to 10,000! I hope someone found them useful or at least entertaining. So all my efforts are not in vain 😉

3 thoughts on “Post #1000!!!”

  1. Wow! That’s an awful lot of effort and time.

    Thank you once again for providing such a brilliant site for us all – we are not worthy!

    Long may it remain and prosper.


  2. I have very much enjoyed your first thousand posts and hope to enjoy another thousand. Your blog one of my favorites not only because of the high-quality content you consistently discover and create, but also because of the candidness with which you approach your posts.

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