Feminine? Unisex? Masculine?

Based on the published here materials, which “image”/look do you associate me with (very curious after one conversation recently 😉 :

  1. Feminine
  2. Unisex
  3. Masculine

Note, I do not use the word “androgynous”. In my mind it’s associated with Marilyn Manson or extraterrestrial humanoids. And this is the scale:


Other variants (like futanari 😉 are also possible. Just drop a line in the comments, no e-mail/name/website required (it would be nice to have your nickname, though)

BTW, isn’t futanari closer to “feminine” (1) than to the centre (2)?

12 thoughts on “Feminine? Unisex? Masculine?”

  1. Processing some of the last sets of pictures in the Home Alone thread (looking for the most recent ones) I’d definitly say Unisex. So spot in the middle ‘2’.

    This because you most definitly are not masculine, but miss the curves to be called feminine.

  2. I would say that your look is feminine. You look like an athletic muscular woman, but not a female body builder. It’s good. Men need to have freedom of expression.

  3. I wonder why I never replied to this. I think you are definitely male. This was an easy decision based on a couple of images here.

    Now I am going to look at the “home alone” pics that have been mentioned… I won’t judge the bondage pictures, bondage is unisex (just like eating or breaking a leg). Apart from that, I haven’t changed my mind.

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