Men in pantyhose, leotards and swimsuits. Mega update.

Man in shiny pantyhose and leotard on skatesMany thanks to Culmor for the huge mega update of the “Men in pantyhose” forum thread!

Also see a related thread: Men in swimsuits and leotards

Actually, both threads contain photos (and videos) of men wearing (shiny) pantyhose, (shiny) leotards and (shiny) swimsuits (and high-heels). Check ’em both! 😉

8 thoughts on “Men in pantyhose, leotards and swimsuits. Mega update.”

  1. I report to my master who punishes me in various leotards. He prefers me to wear a thong type so the affect can be clearly seen. I need more masters and mistresses for my humiliation

  2. I really like wearing leotard and tights when I go to the doctor’s office for a full physical examination. Both the nurse enjoy seeing me in bright colored leotard and tights when getting ready to undress. I take off the snug outer clothes and the nurse lets me stay in my leotards while she prepares the medical equipment for my examination. I’ll savor the warm snug feeling in them, when its time for me to bare it all. The nurse will slowly and gently strip off my leotard and tights, as the doctor quietly, yet joyfully watches . I do bring a change of clothes and baggy under shorts to wear after my medical examination and do miss wearing those bright colored clinging leotard and tights.I really love wearing them, as they are like a security blanket covering my body. It’s a special time with the lady doctor and nurse, knowing they will have my leotard and tights off, soon baring it all and begin my medical plight.

  3. Awesome Ever since i was a boy i have a love for leotards and tights. my mother used to dress me in a black long sleeve leotard and black tights. My 4 older sisters took ballet and were always wearing leotards and tights around the house under jeans or shorts or by them self.
    I also wore a leotard,tights and ballet slippers around the house. As i grew my mother would give me tights to fit. As i got older and went to school i found out that boys dont wear leotards.
    I did not care I loved wearing them. I wore my leotards and tights to bed as pajamas. I woke up one morning with my first erection. I did not know what to do. On my way to the bathroom my youngest sister saw my bulge in my leotard and said to meet her in her room. I could not pee until it went down. I went to see my sister. She was sitting on the bed in a black leotard and white tights. I got a erection and felt very excited She told me to lay on the bed. My sister started to rub my crotch and in 1 minute i had my first orgasm. Ever since i wear my leotard and tights as much as i can. I go to a Mistress in my outfit get put in bondage and i am forced to cum

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