Self-Bondage Art. Part I

selfbondage artAnother attempt to organize the self-bondage pictures and drawings I’ve collected. The first attempt was made in the forum here.

The drawings is something what almost always works and something what can properly “tune” the mood (See What gets you into a self-bondage mood?)

The first 12 drawings are below.

13 thoughts on “Self-Bondage Art. Part I”

  1. Alrighty then 🙂 Hmm.. well I’ve been thinking about how to escape that one and im still at a bit of a loss… ill write in the forums if I think of something

  2. Just a thought Likera, If you have a lot of self bondage stuff, you could make a torrent of it and post the link.

    It would be interesting to see your full collection!

  3. Unfortunately, not a lot, but the collection is growing. Slowly, though.

    BTW, if you have something interesting, do not hesitate to upload in the forum 😉

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