Business trip. Day 2

Falke shelina 12Before going to the office I had a couple of free hours and I went to the nearest lake to take a walk. The weather forecast promised +32, I often wear pantyhose with breeches or shorts when I go to the forest, so I put on Falke Shelina 12 (invisible 100% nylon sheer to waist pantyhose with occasional tiny sparks, bought in Galeria Kaufhof).

SpitzingseeI was wandering around the lake while taking photos of everything without any particular plan or idea, when at exactly this place I made a short step behind and …. tripped over a big stone with sharp edges …

Fortunately, nothing serious happened. I was still alive with just a couple of light bruises, the photocamera did not touch anything except my chest, but the pantyhose did not survive.

This is what the damage looked like:

Me in Falke Shelina 12 Me in Falke Shelina 12 closeup

Though even the holes were almost invisible, I could not go to the office wearing torn pantyhose. But I had a solution! I washed my nylon clad leg in the nearest spring and with a great pleasure continued my walk.

spare pantyhoseThe solution was in the car. I expected that something like that can always happen and took some spare pantyhose with me. I ruled out all shiny nylons (mmm… It’s an office after all …) and picked up Oroblu Club 7 – also invisible matte pantyhose.

Have you ever tried to change pantyhose in a car? That was difficult 😉

Falke Shelina 12Just an FYI. Falke Shelina 12 can also be found in another envelope:

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