Pin Up Doll Look Make-Up

(Try to pronounce it: Pin-Up-Doll-Look-Make-Up-Pin-Up-Doll-Look-Make-Up)

Just found this video on youtube and decided to publish it here for several reasons: the girl is cute, I like manga, it’s related to the Japanese dolls and Photogenic Masks, it’s a nice tutorial on make-up and it also shows how difficult it is… And I just like the video.

OK, enough reasoning. Watch the video below.

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2 thoughts on “Pin Up Doll Look Make-Up”

  1. My point exactly. Plus two things were already done. This is what many women do every day, sometimes twice. Plus nails, plus hair, plus clothes, plus shoes, plus jewellery…

    No way I envy women… Mmmm…. Probably a bit 😉

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