Selfbondage tale – “Slaved to the machine”

Update 31 Dec, 13:23: See the second (and the last) part.

Posted Dec 24: A new self-bondage fiction called “Slaved to the machine” has been posted by Daemon.

8 thoughts on “Selfbondage tale – “Slaved to the machine””

  1. 124 views on the blog, 236 views on the forum… Yet no feedback or comments.. 😉 I’m happy to see that many people were curious about what it is… But I was hoping for some feedback on the storyline so far. I’m aware of the fact that the actual session wasn’t even begun yet, but I am curious about what you people think about the style so far.

    I’ve always considered my storywriting (in any genre) somewhat too detailed. But I always feel that, describing details allow the reader to form a more detailed picture of what’s happening.

    Also, I challenge you readers to find 2 (possible) problems that will become apparent during the session… 😉

    Little Alice-Kim is going to be in for more than she bargained for.. }:-)

  2. Tinkering_Daemon wrote:

    Yet no feedback or comments.

    Unfortunately this is a common problem we discussed here and on many forums. Usually people go for pictures. Then for short and easy reading. Even in the busiest forums you will notice that the most active group consists of no more than 20 users.

  3. Also, in the fetish/bondage forums with fiction section you will rarely see any comments. Probably no more than:”Hot!”, “Cool! Please write more!”. Basically, whatever you do is getting sucked into a black hole called Internet 😉

    There are exceptions, of course 😉

  4. Feedback Found, and Acknowledged! Yes! Thank you so Very much for it!

    I suppose I did make a mistake though… What you say makes sense.. Also, I’m asking feedback to a SB story that hasn’t even shown any (much) Actual SB storyline. Just the (quite detailed) running up to it..
    Rest is to come soon though. Don’t worry…. 😉

  5. I am SO glad that’s out of my head! For days on end, thoughts, fragments, images, designs and variations in the storylines wouldn’t stop bothering me. I felt like I was possessed or something! Only now it’s out and posted, it leaves me alone… =)

    Now, for my other two stories… No SB though, so not going to post those here…

  6. Run, rabbit run.
    Dig that hole, forget the sun,
    And when at last the work is done
    Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one.


    Tinkering_Daemon wrote:

    Now, for my other two stories… No SB though, so not going to post those here…

    Post them here. Any bondage/fetish involved? I’ve added a “Bondage Tales” section 😉

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