Men in pantyhose and Dutch fashion award

Men in pantyhose - sjaak_hullekes_fashion_01

  • Men’s fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes has won the third Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Award and takes home €25,000 in prize money.

    Congratulations! I would love to win money too.

  • Sjaak introduced male ballerinas.

    OK with me, as long as they don’t make me wear them

  • Sjaak likes androgynous young boys.

    Fine, I’m not one of them, but I like such boys drawn in manga (in various situations). Probably I’m missing something in the real life 😉

  • In his collection Sjaak made those boys wear thin transparent pantyhose with shorts.

    Awesome! I adore pantyhose, shorts with pantyhose and anything with pantyhose !!!

But I have one question….


Sorry guys, but your hairy legs look disgusting…

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3 thoughts on “Men in pantyhose and Dutch fashion award”

  1. HI Ra,

    after studying the pics and going to the web side,
    i’d rather say the guys don’t ware any pantyhose,
    even though the picture on the top looks like it.
    But in higher resolution I think its just some kind of

    Anyway nice pics
    So far

  2. Interesting, where did you find hi-rez pictures?

    I’m pretty sure that the guy on the first photo is wearing thin black pantyhose. Not sure about the second one. But nobody has pantyhose on on the third picture.

    Probably he’s just too damn hairy, so his hands look much lighter than his legs… Dunno…

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