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Man in pantyhoseTo be honest, I have some problems describing Anatole’s blog. And not just because I don’t speak French (yet! ha-ha 😉 But seriously, starting learning French is in my to do list for the next year) But because you can find there almost everything you can think of. Bondage, self-bondage, men in pantyhose, latex, total enclosure, very explicit images, enema’s, torture, art, lycra, chains, extremely high heels, hoods, gags, videos, photos, stories, zentai, self-vacuum-plastic-bag-enclosure (did I forget anything?)

r0pi8b8m (See this link)Most of the stuff is authentic, real, honest and quite “raw”. I mean he’s concentrated on his own feelings without thinking on what he would look like on the photos. But since my French knowledge is less than modest, I can’t say if Anatole is on all photos and videos, or who made them etc. Please have a look (beware of the very explicit content) and let me know.

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  1. Whew!!!!! Ra’s correct in how he describes Anatole’s blog – this guy just lays out what he does and if you like it.. Fine. And if you don’t like it.. Fine as well! Content is explicit and may not to be everyone’s taste, but the guy appears to just tell it how it is… well, at least for Anatole that is! Must admit, makes some of my ‘extreme’ adventures look very tame indeed. Great find Ra – well done!


  2. Yes, exactly, “how it is”.

    Aesthetics is good, no doubts, but the internal Big Brother watching for snagged pantyhose or hairy body parts distracts from what all above mentioned is destined for – pleasure.

    In the absence of a photo camera I can relax and, for example, wear latex and nylon rags, play with dirty stuff but afterwards I always regret that I haven’t made any photos 😉

  3. I hope Anatole is still alive. The last posting was quite some time ago, and seemed to involve playing with plastic bags.

  4. Hi everybody,
    Thank you for these comments and, yes, I confirm, I’m still alive.
    I confirm also, dear Ra, that I’m on all the videos. That is the subject of the blog. Because I don’t have the rights on the few videos I made for friends, I can only publish my own stuff.
    About the question who made them, the answer is: Me. As you can see, there are no camera movements because there is nobody behind. On one or two films I had it in hand for few minutes. That’s all.
    Most of the sessions are made with only one camera and had to be repeated or temporarly stoped for each new angle I wanted.
    Only the sessions called “Le sac à vide” and “Le lapin” are shooted with two cameras. But it didn’t avoid to stop the sessions to change some axis sometime. It’s all explained in the article called “Behind the scene” where the “director commentary” tells the viewer how I work.
    I know, that’s in french. I sorry, but my english is to bad (as you can notice) to make a blog in this language.

    One more time, thank you for comming on my site.

    Best regards

  5. Just be careful with those plastic bags, people have died playing with them.

    I like the blog, and seems to translate it well enough.

  6. Hi Anatole, nice to meet you here and to know that you are ok! The circle of real self-bondagers is quite narrow, so let’s be careful…

    About the vacuum bags and sacks. Here’s a link to another self-bondage enthusiast who plays with vacuum stuff alone.

  7. setan wrote:

    why not try trans using google?

    Because the translation (especially between different groups of languages) most of the time does not make any sense. I tried.

    French-English is not that bad, though, at least understandable. But Japanese-English, Chinese-English, Russian-English is like a random word generator.

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