Man in pantyhoseTo be honest, I have some problems describing Anatole’s blog. And not just because I don’t speak French (yet! ha-ha ;-) But seriously, starting learning French is in my to do list for the next year) But because you can find there almost everything you can think of. Bondage, self-bondage, men in pantyhose, latex, total enclosure, very explicit images, enema’s, torture, art, lycra, chains, extremely high heels, hoods, gags, videos, photos, stories, zentai, self-vacuum-plastic-bag-enclosure (did I forget anything?)

r0pi8b8m (See this link)Most of the stuff is authentic, real, honest and quite “raw”. I mean he’s concentrated on his own feelings without thinking on what he would look like on the photos. But since my French knowledge is less than modest, I can’t say if Anatole is on all photos and videos, or who made them etc. Please have a look (beware of the very explicit content) and let me know.