Hidden gems part II

Our community is relatively small, definitely smaller than, say, car-owners, UNIX-lovers or Windows-haters. Sites with original materials, photos or ideas are very hard to find. They may not look like gems, but the scarcity makes them such. Tiger’s in bondage (I found using the link page mentioned in the previous post). Walking through the front door you won’t go further than:

This site has been condemned to closure by the morality codes of the United States of Jesus. We look forward to returning when the political climate has changed or we have been able to secure residence in another nation.

But! There is a (tiger.in-bondage.com/01.html) back door! Going from 01.html to 11.html you will find bondage, latex photos and even videos made during selfbondage and remote controlled vacuum-bed sessions! Being alone in a vacuum-bed is not recommended by many, but I bet it can be done safe. And Tiger’s photos and videos prove that.

Update 2013: new blog ktiger.livejournal.com

5 thoughts on “Hidden gems part II”

  1. Hi likera. As someone who watches his own webserver logs, I tracked back to this post and found you. Very naughy, snooping around like that ;), but since you were curious enough to find part of my site, you might as well get the back door for the whole thing:


    I am afraid that with all of the new decency laws it’s been more trouble to me than it was worth to try and figure out how to bring my site up to compliance, but I am happy to allow confirmed pervs in. I hope you enjoy :).

    As far as safety goes – I suggest that no one do what I do with my vacbed; someone could easily be killed if you don’t take the right precautions and I’ve even had a few close calls being as careful as I possibly could. That said, well, there’s nothing quite like it.

    You can feel free to find me on livejournal, where I post from time to time about scenes or put up my more recent attempts at writing erotica. http://bound_tiger.livejournal.com

  2. Hi Tiger,

    Thanks much for the “direct back door” and please keep your site up, running and updated!

    I’m registered on LiveJournal, but, to be honest, never used it. Probably I should. Just added you as a friend. Could you please add me back? 🙂

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