Self-bondage Art

If you by any chance like self-bondage manga, drawings or any other forms of art have a look at the new forum section: self-bondage art. I’ve uploaded some pics from my collection. Please do not hesitate to upload something tasty from yours ;-P

11 thoughts on “Self-bondage Art”

  1. …Why didn’t she bind her legs, and what’s she trying to grab with her teeth?

  2. I figured it was something she could pull to get a knife or something, but that she’d put it just out of her reach, or something like that. No clue why she didn’t bind her legs, though (unless maybe she didn’t think she’d be able to reach it without more freedom of movement).

  3. Do you have any idea who the artist is? I saw the image in an archived self-bondage thread on iiichan (which I found from one on the pages on your site; thanks), but it didn’t have the source.

  4. Great! Thanks much! The site is in my bookmarks, but I have too many and I do not remember what is from 😉

  5. Unfortunately this drawing is not related to self-bondage at all. According to Google translate (learning Japanese is in my todo list):


    … is about “bread eating competition”. Old game when you have to eat something suspended in mid-air without using your hands. The author decided that if you tightly (and painfully, as stated in the text) bind the competitors’ hands behind the back it would add some more thrill.

    Hmm… I second that …

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