long tight hobbling latex dress 02Originally posted on Sep 14, 2009. But the discussion turned out to be quite interesting.

What: long tight turtle neck body hugging hobble latex dress with long sleeves and a zipper going from neck to ankles. Can be made for a man or a woman, zipper options.

Where: the item itself, the shop (click this link should the item expire).

Why: This dress is one of my dreams (yeah, I have many. Just check my always growing wish list). Just reread the description and you’ll get the idea “why’.

When the zipper is closed, it’s a cross between a latex catsuit and a mummy bag or a tight hobble skirt. You will be able to make only tiny steps and you will always feel the restricting tight rubber with your knees. Unzip it a bit – and you are almost free. Unzip it further and instead of cover and hide all but curves you’ll get a reveal all with every step dress. Bondage inside out ;-)

Unlike a catsuit you can wear whatever you want underneath: latex or nylon stockings, pantyhose, leggings, briefs with built-in plugs, single-stocking or nothing at all. And it’s easier to put a dress on then a catsuit.

Your arms are already clad in tight rubber, only short gloves are needed to completely encase them. And short gloves unlike opera length ones never slide down.

Let’s recap:

  • To complete the full rubber encasement you will need a hood, short gloves and stockings
  • The dress can be used as a bondage or a “normal” type of clothes
  • Suitable for all kind of parties. Whether they are “kinky” or “vanilla”. Just add pantyhose/stockings and high heels
  • Catsuits are much kinkier and more demanding
  • Since the dress covers almost everything, men do not have to remove body hair
  • “leg part” is interchangeable
  • suitable for both “tops” and “bottoms”
  • easier to put on than catsuits

Also, you may want to compare it with latex mini-dress with long sleeves. See this post.