Stumbled upon on eBay. Long and tight latex dress. Or cross-dressing vs transvestism (in discussion)

long tight hobbling latex dress 02Originally posted on Sep 14, 2009. But the discussion turned out to be quite interesting.

What: long tight turtle neck body hugging hobble latex dress with long sleeves and a zipper going from neck to ankles. Can be made for a man or a woman, zipper options.

Where: the item itself, the shop (click this link should the item expire).

Why: This dress is one of my dreams (yeah, I have many. Just check my always growing wish list). Just reread the description and you’ll get the idea “why’.

When the zipper is closed, it’s a cross between a latex catsuit and a mummy bag or a tight hobble skirt. You will be able to make only tiny steps and you will always feel the restricting tight rubber with your knees. Unzip it a bit – and you are almost free. Unzip it further and instead of cover and hide all but curves you’ll get a reveal all with every step dress. Bondage inside out 😉

Unlike a catsuit you can wear whatever you want underneath: latex or nylon stockings, pantyhose, leggings, briefs with built-in plugs, single-stocking or nothing at all. And it’s easier to put a dress on then a catsuit.

Your arms are already clad in tight rubber, only short gloves are needed to completely encase them. And short gloves unlike opera length ones never slide down.

Let’s recap:

  • To complete the full rubber encasement you will need a hood, short gloves and stockings
  • The dress can be used as a bondage or a “normal” type of clothes
  • Suitable for all kind of parties. Whether they are “kinky” or “vanilla”. Just add pantyhose/stockings and high heels
  • Catsuits are much kinkier and more demanding
  • Since the dress covers almost everything, men do not have to remove body hair
  • “leg part” is interchangeable
  • suitable for both “tops” and “bottoms”
  • easier to put on than catsuits

Also, you may want to compare it with latex mini-dress with long sleeves. See this post.

32 thoughts on “Stumbled upon on eBay. Long and tight latex dress. Or cross-dressing vs transvestism (in discussion)”

  1. ooo ra i like it, im invisioning myself wearing it to a halloween party now with some shiny pink tights

  2. not really, i dont really own much of anything anyway

    i was think some sort of dress or leotard, with some tights, and boots or heels

  3. Superb look to this dress – if only I’d got the ‘curves’ to do it justice! 🙂

    Hey Clam – good luck with the halloween idea, you are far braver than I and I salute you for even considering the next step.

    But, and this is a general question to all, are you a true cross-dresser? Just because some of us like the feel of nylon or lycra next to our skin doesn’t mean the whole ‘dressing like a woman’ scene is what we are into.

    I confess to wearing what is traditionally considered to be female clothing as an element of my self-bondage or sexual play – but in no way would I desire to wear it in everyday use. It’s all about sexuality for me – nothing more.


  4. Madjack wrote:

    are you a true cross-dresser?

    No. In my day life I wear some pieces of what publicly considered women’s clothes (pantyhose, stockings, swimsuits). I like it for convenience, comfort, support (support tights), look and “fetishness”.

    In my sessions I use more stuff like mini-dresses and high-heels, but I never try to associate myself with a woman (this is a typical transvestite feature).

    In a nutshell, it’s more a unisex style for me.

  5. i would have to agree with ra, i like tights and leotards mostly, and sometimes skirts and heels, but i dont go into makeup or anything else transy

    i also dont like to wear womens shirts, i dont go there at all

  6. clam wrote:

    i dont go into makeup

    Moreover, I hate the feeling of make-up on my face. I had a couple of chances to experience a full make-up during theatrical events at school and institute… Nah, not for me… Especially the process of washing the stuff off…

    clam wrote:

    i also dont like to wear womens shirts

    Same here. No shirts, no bras, even no skirts, dresses or gowns. Latex very short mini-skirts/dresses or latex very long “bondage” skirts/dresses for rare occasions are OK.

    I like tight mini shorts with pantyhose, leotards, swimsuits and catsuits instead.

  7. A very interesting thread developing here:

    It seems to me that we three (at least) are attracted to some combination of the fabric and fit of the clothing we wear and not what it actually ‘is’. Now, because of what we might call the ‘accepted norm’ such clothing is marketed at women and we are only able to achieve our desire by wearing clothing tailored for the fairer sex.

    Ra’s comment about make-up and Clam’s dislike of women’s shirts match my own feelings. I have no desire at all to be (mis)taken or accepted as female, but I do love the touch and feel of clothing that is though of as ‘female’.

    In some small way I am jealous, even envious, of women and their freedom to wear such clothing without (much!) comment – and I know they look much better in it than I do!


  8. Second, third and forth every word you’ve said. Absolutely. Moreover, I would even deny 80% (ok, 60% 😉 of accusations in exhibitionism.

    Just an example (probably need to make a separate thread for that).
    Imagine yourself in alone in the whole city. would you wear pantyhose, tights, swimsuits, latex, whatever openly, knowing that nobody will see you?

    Definite YES for me. I do wear shiny nylon or rubber publicly, but not because of the public, but because I like the look&feel.

    And this fact does differ me from most women who wear fetish stuff not because they like it, but because they attract more attention. I bet Aurora is one of them.

  9. Patrick Andraste wrote:

    There are a few fetishes I cannot understand:
    Cross Dressing?

    Like Ra wrote:

    You do not confuse CD with TV, do you? 😉

    Patrick Andraste wrote:

    I have confused cross dressing with transvestitism, you are correct.

    If done for fun and pleasure I can sort of understand, but if done for humiliation, it strikes me raw.

    I doubt many CD’s or TV’s are looking for humiliation. E.g. this one:

    I can list many reasons why they do that:

    – they simply like the clothes (mostly CD, on the photo)
    – to attract attention (just like women in “unusual clothes”)
    – to raise adrenaline/testosterone level (the fear of being caught)
    – forbidden fruits are sweeter
    – they want to look like a woman (mostly TV)
    – they associate themselves with women (TV and TS)
    – just “for fun and pleasure” as you mentioned
    – just a (scenic?) style (see Mexican wrestlers, for example)
    – and so on and so on

    Explicit and conscious (self-)humiliation is rare. I would associate it with BDSM (mostly DSM), rather then cross-dressing or transvestism.

    Another strange myth about CD’s and TV’s is many people think of them as of gays. Well, this is simply ridiculous. The percentage of gays amongst them is lower than in general society. I would suspect higher percentage of bi-‘s. And mostly because of expanded limits.

  10. i would definately agree with you mj and ra’s seconding thirding and fourthing 🙂

    0.o didnt see that miniskirt, id rather wear that
    yeah well i dont think im actually going to wear something like that in public madjack, its just a wish of mine, to be able to work up the courage some day

    i think if nobody i knew saw me, then yes, and i agree with you, its not about exhibitionism for me

    (sorry to write such a long one, but i didnt realize so many posts were made)

    yeah that is one fear i have about going public, im about as straight as it gets, and i feel like id confuse a lot of people

  11. been there done that with a long rubber dress.comfy once its on but for going out(Party) the shoes are the hard part,dont know how women walk in them though!

  12. 4 inches with a platform ,still have them,wife loves them on me but not too often you know?.

  13. 4″ ones are not that extreme. I managed to survive 5″ (on the photo, check top right corner or the main page during Europerve, and then ~2km walk home). I can’t say I walk very gracefully on high heels, though 😉 Need more practice.

    6″ make my legs cramp…

  14. hey ra, i saw a girl at the mall today with some tights that i liked. They were super dark black, but had a shine to them, and didn’t really get litter near the knee and stuff (like some black tights do); do you know where i could find something like that?

  15. They sound a bit like Aristoc Wet Look to me. Look to me, very heavy, very shiny but not a terribly good fit. Did they have a faint but rather strange looking line down each side of the leg like you can just see in this pic?

  16. I admit to being majorly disappointed in the Aristoc Wet-Looks. I own them in the purple and a very dark charcoal-grey but I bought them unseen from a (well-known) website before they hit the shops. They are sold without a plastic cover, just wrapped around a card. I can only imagine they’re somehow pressed onto it but at any rate you’ll never get the creases out. There’s a line up each side of each leg no number of washings will ever remove.
    Also, the fit isn’t very good. With a straight tubular leg and no formed or turned ankle, the slightest bend of your knee or ankle and there are folds and creases. If Aristoc are going to make tights this heavy and rigid then they need to be a lot better tailored.

    All in all, 7/10 for the overall effect from certain angles in certain poses, but could potentially be soooo much better…

  17. no it didnt really look like taht
    it looked more like the wolford, except its definately not, cus wolford really doesnt sell anything in the us

  18. clam wrote:

    wolford really doesnt sell anything in the us

    Quite the opposite.

    This is a list of Wolford boutiques only around New-York:

    Wolford Boutique New York, NY (1.3)
    122 Greene Street
    Wolford Boutique New York, NY (6.2)
    619 Madison Avenue
    Wolford Boutique New York, NY (6.3)
    The Shops at Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Circle
    Wolford Boutique New York, NY (7.7)
    997 Madison Avenue
    Wolford Boutique Hackensack, NJ (21.2)
    The Shops at Riverside Square, 390 Hackensack Avenue

    Guess how many of them are in the States? Plus you have always eBay.

    Nah, Wolford is everywhere.

  19. ok, what my point is, is that they arent popular in my area, new york its probably true
    im gonna have to try some wolfords…

  20. Heh, I don’t think Wolford’s are ‘popular’ anywhere, they’re far too expensive.

    What they are is ‘quality’ 😉

    But you pay for it…

  21. Yes, but they get them free…we have to buy them.

    I could argue that heel-less rubber thigh-boots (as famously worn by Victoria Beckham) were in the fashion shows, fashion and life style magazines a while ago. It doesn’t mean that any real woman is wearing them on the High Street…

  22. Culmor wrote:

    Yes, but they get them free…we have to buy them.

    The models – yes, but someone still (fashion houses) has to pay for them. Probably with a good discount.

    I do buy Wolford, but with at least 30% discount at various sales. Sometimes even 70% (especially Wolford bodysuits).

    Culmor wrote:

    heel-less rubber thigh-boots

    These boots: /blog/wp/archives/1546

    Culmor wrote:

    It doesn’t mean that any real woman is wearing them on the High Street

    You know … Some women are sometimes crazy … And behave like … “Victoria’s got these boots. I want them too!!!” Regardless the price and comfort … Check the fashion tag here… For example this post: /blog/wp/archives/98

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