Edie Sedgwick. Back to the 60s? Part III The followers

Edie Sedgwick in pantyhose(See Part I and Part II)

Her influence was and still is enormous. Lots of women are trying their best to dress like Edie, behave like Edie and look like Edie, posting revealed secrets in blogs and forums, and (what I find very funny) hissing on teenagers wearing striped shirts with opaque pantyhose:”How dare you! You don’t even know whose style it is!!!”

Edie's lookNope, she did not invent the style. She did not invent stripes, she did not invent mini. She even did not invent pantyhose. Girls and women of 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s dressed like that, without knowing who Edie was. The style is obvious. It’s the current generation who are rediscovering and reinventing pantyhose (yes, I’m simplifying 😉 abandoned by the celebrities of 2000 and rediscovering the celebrities of 60’s and 70’s.

Edie's lookOf course, some people don’t dare to make their own statement and need someone famous to point their fingers to in a futile attempt to find a shelter when they are laughed at. “No, it’s not me! It’s her/him! She/he invented/wears/says that! Didn’t you know?” Lack of self-confidence, sure. But also lack of own ideas. And, probably, the Self itself.

Edie's lookActually, there is no Edie’s style. There was Edie’s willingness to draw attention to all good things she had. Beautiful eyes, beautiful legs, beautiful figure. If you have a similar set of beautiful things, don’t wait until it ages out, add something simple (like pantyhose, leotard or a t-shirt 😉 and remain yourself. Will it be that Edie’s look? Who cares. It’s you, and leave the style guessing to the rest. I bet they will call it your style!

Edie Sedgwick::

“The fashion as a whole is a farce completely.. The people behind it are perverted. The styles are created by freaked up people… weirdos… “

Edie's lookShe had all the rights to say that. She’s been there and the dirty glamorous world (not without her own help, though) destroyed her life. But… Is it something new? It seems like everybody knows that but is too addicted to break the chain reaction.

There are also positive effects. The hype brings more images like I cited (Edie Sedgwick is only on the first photo at the top and two at the bottom). Just look at these two photos:

Edie's lookA boy and a girl dressed as Lou Reed and Edie Sedgwick for a party. The girl did not dare to go without the spandex shorts (like Edie), but still, it’s a good beginning.

Edie's lookSatinella is 18.This is her attempt to copy not only the clothes and make-up but also the innocent look. I would call the result the best Damsel in Distress bondage look of the month! Hogtied lolita in black sheer pantyhose. WOW! ;-P

And two more Edie’s photos:
Edie' Sedgwick Edie' Sedgwick
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