Edie Sedgwick. Part IV. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller in pantyhoseIn short: Sienna Miller played Edie Sedgwick (see Part I, Part II and Part III) in “The Factory Girl”. (You can find some shots from the movie below). But this is not all. She managed to shock the public with her clothes on the premiere afterparty: black shiny pantyhose with a leotard(?), control panty(?), spandex shorts(?) on top, a fluffy top, ankle-high boots with high heels and a leather jacket. If you followed my Edie Sedgwick posts, you would say that it’s very Edie-like. Yes and no.

“Yes”, because the list of clothes indeed look similar to what Edie would wear. “No”, because no journalists recognized “the style”. Instead, they were shouting: “Sienna forgot a skirt or pants at home!”, “Sienna Has No Pants, or Sense of Style”, “No pants party”, “Fashion victim”. A disaster? Have a look at the photos and decide by yourself.

sienna-miller-09 sienna-miller-10

sienna-miller-19 sienna-miller-08

sienna-miller-07 sienna-miller-06

sienna-miller-05 sienna-miller-04

sienna-miller-03 sienna-miller-02

What happened next is even more weird. BBC Radio Leicester presenter Monica Winfield went into the city centre wearing black top, black tights and knickers:

monica_knickers_1A disaster? No way! Read further:

Before she left the studio, Monica told Tony Wadsworth that it felt a bit strange being in a public place without a skirt on:

“You know that anxiety dream you have where you’re the only one naked – it’s like that…very odd but strangely liberating.”

monica_knickers_2But once Monica was out in the city centre, standing by the clock tower in her “big Bridget Jones knickers”, her feelings changed.

Radio car reporter Rupal Rajani asked member of the public what they thought of Monica’s new look and most of the women she talked to liked it and said Monica looked fantastic!

The men were a bit less sure, and one even said that it was only “passable”, but others thought she looked “sexy” and one even wanted her to turn around so he could get a better look!

But will Monica be adopting this look in the future?

“I thought I would feel utterly, utterly embarrassed but I feel a million dollars…people are turning to look and not in a disparaging way, I’m thinking maybe there’s something in this!”

Is it going to be the beginning of new “fashionable” style? There will definitely be followers! Like here. So, keep your eyes (and photocameras) ready 😉

From “The Factory Girl”:

sienna-miller-16 sienna-miller-17 sienna-miller-11

Out of curiosity you may want to have a look at the original photo here. Same shirt!

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