The proper clothes or pin-up of the 30-60’s. Part I

pin-up-05Pin-up… What is pin-up actually? Pin-up means different things for different people. The original meaning is a picture for pinning up on a wall. The first pin-ups appeared around 1890, though the term was first attested in 1941.

A bit provocative, mostly women, always pretty and cheerful. Pop culture, kitsch, addressed for the masses, it should be real on one hand but exaggerated or accented on the other. 100% sexually attractive and innocent at the same time, so you would not be able to do anything with the pictured girl should she appear in the real life. How can you touch that naive charming beauty? The only thing you can do is to gallantly help or rescue her since the naive beauties always get into troubles.

… BTW, the women were indeed wearing stockings with seams and high heels… Every day… Everywhere …

Most pictures by Gil Elvgren

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