Japanese style single-glove for self-bondage?

Leather single-glove arm binderI have read somewhere that the Japanese are not very flexible in the shoulder joints (unlike the other joints) so they can not make their elbows touch each other. And they “invented” their own way of binding arms behind the back (palm to elbow or square style).

I’m not sure if the story is true, but the Japanese style is much more comfortable yet much more restrictive. If you don’t believe that, just try it. In the “western” style you still can use your hands. You can bring them to the front, you can use them to take something, or to help yourself in the sitting position, etc. The Japanese method renders your arms completely useless.

The usability of the “western” single-glove for self-bondage was discussed lots of times and, while extremely erotic and wanted, no safe and reliable methods were invented.

But what about the “Japanese” arm-binders? You have neither zippers, nor laces. Good. All you have is buckles. And all you need is to lift the arms up somehow and then release when the time is over.

That also brings us back to the Self-Bondage leotard. Any ideas?

I found the arm-binders here.

6 thoughts on “Japanese style single-glove for self-bondage?”

  1. it sounds like a good idea, but i would still like to combine it with the leotard itself, that way they are connected (im not sure if you agree with me, but i would like this more). also im confused how you would get it to work

  2. I’m thinking about one-way devices (SRD, rope-ratchet) connected through a time-lock. Though, it’s a bit bulky. Probably it can be connected to an external object? E.g. see this method.

  3. Hmm… Japanese girls not able to make their elbows touch? Sound’s like an urban myth to me!

    Just browsed around and found lots of lovely Asian babes with very tight elbow to elbow bondage!

    And I also found this…


    Yes it’s in the wrong link (I know!) and we will need some of Ra’s wizardy to turn it into a readable screen, but… Possible straight-jacket/arm binder project?


  4. Just browsed around and found lots of lovely Asian babes with very tight elbow to elbow bondage!

    Are you sure they are Japanese? Even if they are, the average can not do that anyway 😉 And as I said the Japanese way is much more effective.

    BTW, can you make your elbow touch each other? I can 😉

    And I also found this…

    Yeah, I’ve seen that. Was thinking where to publish that since I’m not going to try that out.

    To see the link you need to go to http://www.freetied.com first, then paste the whole URL into that window.

  5. Elbows touch? Me? You’ve gotta be kidding! I ache after even trying, let alone tying :-))

    I’m impressed by anyone who can do that! The only Japanese person I know would probably be most offended if I asked her if her elbows touched when in bondage (or maybe not…?).

    I agree that the Japanese ‘box tie’ (I think that’s what they call it) is very attractive and seems very popular in their bondage shoots (as do enemas!).


  6. if I asked her if her elbows touched when in bondage

    Just do not mention bondage 😉 There are hundreds of other subjects you can mention, like general flexibility, sport, physical culture, personal (current, when in the office) stiffness. Or just: “I heard that Japanese anatomy allows to easily do splits (this is what I’ve read on many martial arts forums) but does not allow the elbows to touch each other”.

    or maybe not…?

    Hm…. There is always a chance … ;-P

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