Leather single-glove arm binderI have read somewhere that the Japanese are not very flexible in the shoulder joints (unlike the other joints) so they can not make their elbows touch each other. And they “invented” their own way of binding arms behind the back (palm to elbow or square style).

I’m not sure if the story is true, but the Japanese style is much more comfortable yet much more restrictive. If you don’t believe that, just try it. In the “western” style you still can use your hands. You can bring them to the front, you can use them to take something, or to help yourself in the sitting position, etc. The Japanese method renders your arms completely useless.

The usability of the “western” single-glove for self-bondage was discussed lots of times and, while extremely erotic and wanted, no safe and reliable methods were invented.

But what about the “Japanese” arm-binders? You have neither zippers, nor laces. Good. All you have is buckles. And all you need is to lift the arms up somehow and then release when the time is over.

That also brings us back to the Self-Bondage leotard. Any ideas?

I found the arm-binders here.