WordPress upgrade

I will be upgrading WordPress today. During the upgrade no blogs will be reachable.

Update Sep 26 00:37. Upgraded!

Update Sep 26 01:25. The tagging is not working correctly. Need to update the theme files. Tomorrow …

Update Sep 26 10:47. Looks like the registration does not work. Whistle here if you have problems.

Update Sep 26 12:16. WordPress can’t send mail. This is why the registration does not work. Investigating … I can set the passwords manually, though.

Update Sep 26 14:52. WordPress DOES send mail, but apparently my hoster causes some delays. The problem is that wordpress (like p-wee pointed out, many thanks to him!) send empty messages without password in them. If you need to activate your account just send me an email and I’ll set your password manually. Investigating further …

Update Sep 26 21:40. The Tags and the Tags Cloud have been fixed!

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