Photobucket bans plugs

pb-whoaPhotobucket service found photos of some plugs violating its policy. I’m going through the site and replacing the broken images. Ridiculous… You can buy this stuff at “Media-Markt” nowadays! Did you know? Vibrators of various forms, colours and power! In the same section as tooth brushes! But publishing photos of them is prohibited…

It reminds me that famous double moral. In some places you can be pornofilmed since you’re 16, but can’t watch the films until you’re 21.

I wonder what’s gonna happen with the rest of the images…

3 thoughts on “Photobucket bans plugs”

  1. Depends in what country this Photobucket has its home base. Especially the USA (but a lot of more countries)has very outdated moral standards compared to ours (Netherlands).


  2. True, of course. But this also depends on the particular person who actually goes around the files and disables particular pictures. Or on his/her manager. Or probably someone complained. Or … dunno… I see no logic behind the choice.

    4 plug pictures have been disabled so far. Gonna delete and reupload a couple. Let’s see what happens…

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