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Hi Everyone

The movie?, well kind of. Our Friend RH suggested I post The On the show today comic as a youtube clip. Great idea. So I added a little appropriate music and end titles and posted it today.

Tue, Oct 03, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Hi everyone
It's Christeen time again. Enjoy.....I do.

Mon, Oct 02, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Hi everyone Now many of you probably went Celia Who?. Well Celia Sawyer, 51,is and interior designer and business woman, who hosts and judges on the British Channel 4 show Four rooms, a classic room makeover show. However it is not just for her skills and a designer that she has gained a following but for her occasional dominating mode of dress. I mean can you name many design shows where the host dresses in skintight leather. Need i say more.

Magnolia just ain't going to cut it with this lady

and this is the cover page from her website


Wed, Sep 27, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Life even the nature of sissy gurl life with me is always a different thing which in its way why this blog is different than most other sissy blogs because for a large chunk of my time awake, I am very much in a regressed headspace and sometimes that can cause its own issues.
One of the biggest is to accept that in certain places such as Tumblr while I have a blog that is open around gender issues in my life, that is a long way from saying as that regressed person I'm in a headspace at the point where I'm feeling sensual never mind sexual so it's so not appropriate to bring 'adult' topics and messaging into it.
Everybody works on that as it finds them and the side that involves Caregiving rather than full on dominance as in "Dominate Daddies" where you may well have the final say but in many respects it is more a parental style model where ultimately you step into look after my best interests where I'm so down that side I'm not seeing any risks or consequences.
On that side it's not sexual and actually that would be a serious betrayal of trust because our relationship isn't one based around that in way that if I was in a more older headspace it may be and so it would be fine to feature in it but only when we'd both consent to it and I've shown clearly I know i'm wanting that sexual side so we both know I'm ready emotionally at that point for acting with sexual submissiveness.
The characteristic sex centred always up for it sexy sissy slut ideal that some thing all sissies want all the time doesn't apply with me.
Wed, Sep 27, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
After last weeks well received post I thought I'd put together an associated one around a common topic.

I'd wager a bet if I were a betting sissy gurl there's not one sissy and a good many Mistresses out there who would find this caption so relatable either personally or with those they have worked with.
"The battle within" does have two elements of which one needs handling with a good deal of care here even if ultimately it is all about you and is literally selfish and that is unless you have already come out if you are in a relationship, that relationship and how both of you see it is and has to set limits on how much time you can spend dressed as your sissy gurl self because that relationship and everything in it matters.
The other is to a point more straightforward which is if you're like most of us you tentatively started dressing more as the the sissy gurl you see yourself as, you probably made yourself the promise that you'd only do it the odd time on the basis (correctly) what is kept in usually has a worse impact on your life than being let out .
I know way in the distant past once I got over the idea that I might have to go to the lingerie counter and ask Females for advice on panties and be seen in the line holding them with no 'boys toys' to disguise it I said to myself I'd just do it at weekends or the odd evening where I wouldn't be disturbed.
But sometimes that can change for me, as blog readers know, I found my inner little girl side and she took over and still runs much of the show so like I'm out every day dressed from the inside out as her because that's who I am.
For others it may be you find being an adult woman or adult sissy gurl becomes such a big part of the need you have you can no longer compartmentalize your live as you and also may include your very much adult sexual side.
That's not so suprising because for all of us we need to be our whole selves where thoughts, interests and our acting upon them run into each other.
Will YOU let ME be FREE?
Wed, Sep 20, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
The origins of 'crossdressing' and the nature and role of sissy humiliation have always remained both a tension in sissiness, a part in the 'purging' cycle and in some quarters the damning evidence for its part for not being as a transgendered identity.
Everybody is different but for me the point behind any form of presentation is not so much the fabric although it can be an important sensual part but journey where the form of presenting takes you including how you relate in that situation.
Because of the stigma attached not least when a good number of us were younger you to being dressed in a different gender the idea of it as a kind of sanction implied or actually used if you did even think in terms of "I so want to wear a skirt but I'm a boy", the closest you might get is "If you don't stop acting up, I'll dress you in your sisters" being said.
On the face of it you might feel awkward about carrying on just in case they did or they brought up the threat in front of your male friends but on the other hand...
You might of wanted the end journey but felt you had to appear less than willing apart from if one of your mates just called for a kick about while you were dressed.
I think for some of us it is more like this, it would be awkward we would try try to appear upset if we were just 'put into dresses' but as a form of sanction it would backfire because secretly we'd thinking more about how we liked how we looked as nervous as we'd feel first time represented might well be.
Knessia could easily of being speaking for me around 8+ in this situation thinking and looking forward to being more and more 'girlie' I'd of been more frilled and put into nylon hose.
There is awkwardness and fear about jumping through the hoop of being more feminine and such humiliations as 'being forced to' are for a good number the hoop like dolphins we jump through and female dominants push us through them to get us to the other side. When you get to the other side the how is far less important - a good number of people who go through with gender re-assignment start out from the sissy/transgender angle before separating out and using Transexual as their primary identification - so there is more 'grey area' than advocates for separating entirely Ts from Transgender might generally acknowledge.
In an increasingly gender neutral age even, does cross dressing as such strictly speaking exist or is more the extent to which any gender may dress beyond the current stereotypes?
As a sissy can I dress any way I wish and still be me?
It's a very good question and personally I think you carry that around of you wherever you take yourself because you're spirit.
Because I am a sissy who has and likes having my tiny dolly lolly doesn't mean I shouldn't wear a pink and white pinafore dress if that better reflects my natural sissy demureness rather than anything traditionally associated with males.
There is something very right about dressing me in frilly satin panties even if may of squirmed at the thought once even if I needed to 'forced' to try them.
A sissy needs someone to push them through the hoop to find their sissy selves more even if they may had some feminine tendencies and if such 'consensual' humiliation helps and you find a good role such as a sissy girlfriend to a Woman that plays to your strengths is that a bad thing?
I feel being that sissy girlfriend can only be a good thing and embrace it being out of the harm of male ways.
*Some comments on blog layout*
As you may of noticed if you are viewing this via a traditional laptop computer rather than a smartphone or tablet computer, the layout may look different this is because of two things, one I am unifying the layouts between my little/middle blog, the middles journal "That Boarding School Girl" and this, Joanne's Dorm, for improved legibility and ease of finding things such as pages.
The second is technical which is the template width now set at 1080 px where originally it were set at 860px because way back in the mid 2000's computer monitors had such smaller resolutions that also were square shaped and today most are at least 1366x768px or better widescreen.
It put simply looks less squashed up and cluttered.
The original Blogger 'Classic templates were limited to 860px but I changed the templates to newer ones a year or two ago.
Wed, Sep 13, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty

It is hard to believe that third trimester has come! Time flies and baby bump is growing. All in all I have already gained 10 kg! When we have been to US trip I took couple dresses which fit well and had extra space for the belly but when I tried them in couple weeks on holidays, they were extremely tight that it was hard to breathe, so they just got free ride in my luggage without any use. Here is my prehistory of dresses during pregnancy and how I was struggling with some of them…

After that experience which is pretty natural for all moms to be I was really excited to partner with Tiffany Rose Maternity brand which designs and makes absolutely stunning dresses future mommies. In this set I am wearing dress which can be used both during casual occasions and evening events depending on accessorizes you choose. If you style it with ballerinas – good choice to go to work or for a walk, if you add high heels and brighter make up – perfect for evening events. The dress has a lot of space for belly which gives freedom in movements, moreover the style is made in such a way that you can wear this dress after pregnancy. I love the colors, styles and last but not the least quality! 95 % of viscose in this dress gives future mommy to experience pregnancy with pleasure and comfort!

I styled this dress with Kunert 20 mommy tights from UK tights which give support for the belly and make-up for legs. Comfort and beauty, who said it is not possible at the same time?


Anna shift dress by Tiffany Rose MaternityKunert Mommy 20 by UK tightsMichael Kors

Sun, Sep 10, 2017
Source: My pantyhose girl
There are somethings in this world that are hard to explain in particular rational way but nontheless happen and here's one of them.I

l have struggled to really analyze it to the point where I just now say "It's just how it is and that's fine" but in order for me to feel at least sensual of not overtly sexual, I have to be dressed 'femme'.
I need to be wearing a bra and knickers. I need to be in a dress or skirt. You get so goddam emotional when you can't or the other person fails to see it even though logically it's just fabric cut and presented different.
Our hero's needs are telling shown in the sequence as he can't be penetrated or have foreplay as a sissy from his girlfriend unless he is. She cares enough to loan her hers as having put it on he breaks down.
That I dare say is just how it is and why I'm posting it.
The kindest thing any woman can do for a sissy is to get them en femme and help them stay that way for your own well-being.
Wed, Sep 06, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
Seeing we're approaching September a back to school themed entry seemed very appropriate to me although with my age regressed side it hasn't really gone away and indeed I do some studying!

It was some years ago, near London, while at a residential college I first confided in a close classmate that I was transgender and from mainstreams societies vantage point 'crossdress' and indeed did on the premises having a single room in same sex dorm block where most were shared between two or three people.
I wasn't sure how they'd take it but actually they were fine with it so it put no barriers up between myself and them, with just the message "Do be careful" when it came to where you went and what you did.
That was fine cos it was the first time I'd ever been away from home as an adult without the sorts of rules and curfews I'd had at boarding school which were very much about keeping us safe.
So in some ways, captions like this do speak to me as no doubt they do for others even if for them it may be more a fantasy.
There is something on that caption that I do feel needs to be said, however and it is to do with the very last line. It's not just a throw away sentence at all.
I truly believe that for some boys there IS this need to be a Girl or at least feminine in their manners and presentation if you don't see yourself as either a 'little/middle' age regressed girl or as an occupying an adult woman's space and role whatever your male sexed frame might be.
With me it's because I am age regressed and so I am a girl at the level of that little/middle child with no burning desire present 24/7 as adult female aka a Woman with all that entails at least presently but I have this NEED to let her out and she does need to be cared for because of her vulnerabilities.
That's my female side.
Wed, Aug 30, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
The week it has to be said has been an interesting one in a lot of ways, some directly connected to this side of my life and others while in part of it are more on the other sides such as feeling more confident to talk more openly about the emotions and sensual feelings that I do experience as they happen with next to no self censoring.
Also more on the purely age regressed side I'm interacting in daily quizzes, answering questions that require truthful answers about me personally not a detached third person who may do this or that but more what I think, what I do.
I think it's one of oldest things in psychology, the connectedness between the idea of the loss of any sense of modesty and the unblocking of the emotional and sensual dam that ordinarily leads to that self censoring of those thoughts never mind when disgusted and fearful arrive on the scene leading to a denial based cover up of those very ideas you carry around with you.
So you find yourself just talking away about this stuff.
My relationship to and with girls has always been complex which is where some issues later on around where I fit around gender identities goes on because it was certainly true that in a rigid binary junior situation I was always and deliberately pursued the line of being with the girls simply because there was more in common but being in common isn't necessarily the same as being one.
Inevitably as one get into my teenage years that schism between being like and 'being' grew wider because while I liked the gender presentation of girls the more sensual side simply wasn't so with what colour panties I had on and my 'dolly lolly' being discussions between them and me where in the scheme of things I was their sissy and saw myself as increasingly under their control as much as had no growing up male role either.
That betweeness is a defining thing for me even in a non sexual form so the somewhat politicized discourse in the Tg community about how many genders there are, what the 'true' motivations for and of transsexuals are, how the former relate to others in transgender umbrella is both relevant and yet in the end not as ultimately 'to be' is all you can do.
If my being is between, then it just is and my presentation is personal taking like my pronouns a feminine form being just the fabric I wrap around of me.
All other people need so is accept and leave a space for me.

Wed, Aug 23, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
Sat very much by the chromebook one night talking away with my BFF and partner in littles crime talking about the remade Tumblr amongst other things I throw in casually it's open non sexual referencing being a Sissy and she poses out of blue the direct question "Why Sissy not Girlie Girl?". Cis females, you can't bet them for coming straight out with it can you???
While it doesn't have to, Girlie Girl is in sissy in every definition you care to take even though I care to take mine so to me taking Sissy doesn't take that from me it's more what sissy says about the feminine within me.
To me Sissy includes the sense in which I enjoy being the submissive, fulfilling a role of being of service to and with woman and the otherness being neither adult female in role or male wrapped not in humiliation but the joy of being myself.
Part of it the prefixing I don't do at many sites goes back a good number of years to a cis friend, Dani, who at a gaming centred social site where she correctly identified me as a 'sissy' and enjoyed dressing my character publicly as a sissy maid or a dolly which needless to say I just lapped up being in effect Her online play mate she dressed.
That to me always was a part of deal about who I am, cos that's how I feel about it and as awkward as that conversation was with my BFF, she now just accepts that's who I am.
Wed, Aug 16, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
If you've ever visited Malta, there's a high chance that you've either visited, or just heard about Mdina, 4,000-year-old city that used to be Malta's capital during the medieval perioid. The ancient city, still populated by about 300 occupants, stands in the middle of the tiny island of Malta, so it's not far away from […]
Tue, Aug 15, 2017
Source: Project L