Unusual pantyhose Part VI. With five toes

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Updated on Jun 12 @ 19:05:
Found more photos of toes-pantyhose and stockings. So, it’s not Photoshop, like some believed (seen that opinion in several forums). While I don’t think it’s very comfortable, the look is very interesting, especially if toes are not reinforced.

See 10 more images below. Thanks to nimbus9.

Posted on May 17, 2007 @02:46:

Kudos to Shinyhose. Does anybody know where such pantyhose can be bought?

12 thoughts on “Unusual pantyhose Part VI. With five toes”

  1. I just found this picture of these pantie hose with toes.i just love them!!!they would look so sexy with low toe cleavage heels or open toe slinbacks.i would like to buy some.does any one know who they are made by or were they can be purchased?

  2. Wow, thanks, but there is difference in the used material and technology. On “my” picture, the finger-part is not reinforced. But this is what Rakuten ones looks like:

    rakuten pantyhose

  3. I totally would buy many sets of these hose. Have you had any luck finding where to get them yet?

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