Frankfurt, +32, pantyhose…

Who’s wearing pantyhose when it’s +30? This is what I noticed in Frankfurt:

  • stewardess (~40-den shimmering tan pantyhose)
  • an office woman (don’t remember what she was wearing)
  • ad campaign girl from Karstadt (~40den, light colour, pearl shine)
  • ~45-50 yo woman buying CD’s (practically invisible skin tone pantyhose)
  • ~40 yo woman wearing 15cm above the knees skirt (off-white-creme suit) and almost white! shiny! ~15den pantyhose!!!
  • An, of course, me in capri and my favourite shiny Oroblu Style 15 🙂

Actually, +30 is not an excuse for bare legs. Just look at that! Bikini and Pretty Polly 30den. (Kudos to and Pantimedias Unisex)

But on a serious note, it feels much more comfortable with pantyhose than without. Again – not “cooler” but more comfortable. Not sticky, less sweaty, nothing sticks to your sweaty skin and irritates it later. Just try! But please, do yourself and everybody a favour, don’t buy very cheap tights. Don’t join the pantyhose haters club.

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