Oh no… It’s him again!

Well, will this guy ever stop amazing me… Back in July when I was drooling over freshly found pantyhose blogs (see post1, post2, post3, post4) who could guess that he stood behind all these crowded places? After some investigations I discovered that Zentai (or Zentaiph) is the owner (or admin) of:

Zentai, did I miss anything? At least impressive. Considering quality – even more impressive. I’m thinking of aggregating the RSS feeds from all these sites into one ZentaiPH-channel… Gonna research if it’s possible without killing my WordPress… 😉

4 thoughts on “Oh no… It’s him again!”

  1. Hi
    http://totalencasement.blogspot.com/ its my blog too. 😛
    I started whit archivohose, in spanish is very dificult find pantyhose blogs and i think if nothing do, i can do it.

    maybe is good idea make only one blog like you, i like your blog, butt i dont know.

    pantimedias.foros.st is closed now, miarroba censure to us, then we open pantimedias.net

    Sorry for my bad english.

  2. WOW! I haven’t seen this one! Brilliant! Thanks Zentai! Added 😉 Immediately gonna steal one photo from it 🙂

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