Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 7. Inner bondage vs outer bondage

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The inner bondage can be (and usually is) stricter than the outer one. A couple of examples.

A typical example is:”What will they say?” or “Nobody does this!”.

“I can’t wear it! What will my friends say?”, “I can’t pull up my jeans, everybody wear them under buttocks”, “I can’t wear these watches to the office. They are too expensive. What will others say?”

“I can’t wear these tight briefs (e.g. so called “speedos”) to the beach. Everybody wears wet buggy shorts sticking to legs and full with sand. What will other say?” Let alone wearing a one-piece swimsuit to the beach or pantyhose in public ….

The outer bondage does not prevent you from doing this. Most likely nobody notices or cares. But your inner bondage is always on guard. “I can’t go to the supermarket without make-up!”… Oh my…

… to be continued …

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