Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 5. Strong wishes do materialize and kids’ fetish dreams

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Now to the second point. One of my favourite sayings is “Beware of your own desires, because they come true”. Yes, they do. If you correctly wish something it will eventually happen. Under correctly I mean your intention, visualization and preparations (in advance).

Kaoru not only dreamed about or visualized Nana in bondage, he bought a suit that should fit Nana perfectly. And suddenly she appeared inside that suit! I would say, that the suit captured and brought Nana to Kaoru (pan intended 😉

When I was a 6-7yo kid I was dreaming about a one-piece swimsuit. I touched them in shop a couple of times, I imagined myself in a swimsuit, but of course I could not buy it. I even made one from a t-shirt and briefs and wore it with my mother’s pantyhose during self-bondage sessions.

But after several years a beautiful Japanese swimsuit appeared “out of the blue” in my mother’s drawer. She never wore one-piece suits, I did not hear about any intentions to buy one. And suddenly it was all mine! Literally mine, because I was the only one who was wearing it, because it was a bit too small for my mother.

My childhood dream came true! Have you experienced anything similar?

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