Fetish Party Nite v.4.0

.. has been released on March 31 and was presented to the willing audience in Moscow (Russia) by Billy and Aurora. According to the eyewitnesses I have no reasons not to trust to, FPN v.4.0 is not just a bug-fix but a completely renewed release, featuring among others Di Top, Leggy Dance (pantyhose/nylon), Mistress Paint (bodyart), From Dusk Till Dawn (contortion, lycra), The Fetus (latex), Machaon (vinyl, lycra, anime), Victorian Widow (corset), Zlata, Steffen Guenthel.

As expected, the developers kept backward and forward compatibility with the previous releases, like strict dress code control and image sharing with multilevel access model and 3-way handshaking confirmations.

Here you can find sample screen shots:

The test review and full featured screen shots can be downloaded from zlata.de, StylishFetish, Russian Pantyhose and Gentle Touches.

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