Simple bondage. Part V

I’ve read somewhere that women’s beauty consists of 90% imagination and 10% reality. I do not agree with the ratio, but there is some rationale behind it 😉

If you look at some simple bondage photos, your mind will say “these restraints are not restraining anything”, or “he/she can simply remove them”, or “hey, there are no restraints at all!”, but our imagination simply ignores the voice of intelligence and turns the excitement mechanism on.

See 12 photos below.

4 thoughts on “Simple bondage. Part V”

  1. I knew a waitress that comented that she got a thrill out of being collared and lead around on a chain. When I ask what was she wearing, She got very quiet and said “Never mind”.

    We did talk about stuff like that, and one time, she excused herself for a bathroom break. She was gone for what seem like 1/2 hour.

    When she came back, she looked tired and I had to ask:
    Q: Well? How did it go?
    A: No comment.

    I think I know what just happen 🙂
    At times, I do wish I was a fly.

  2. Depends… I hear that girls can go on for hours.
    Maybe this was a quickie?

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