Total enclosure latex hood

I found the photo of this hood on Facebook, but the author did not say where it is from, what the hood is, if he owns it, etc. So I assume that the photo was also found on the Internet.

Anyway, here’s why I reposted it. First of all the hood is anatomically shaped. Second, it’s got nose tubes with quite a big internal diameter, what should (theoretically) keep the holes at the correct place and supply enough oxygen. The tubes also will not allow you to see through the nose holes (sometimes it is possible).

Then, I wonder if there is a built-in gag. It looks like the person inside the hood is quite tightly gagged.

If anybody knows where such hood can be bought – please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Total enclosure latex hood”

  1. That hood is by blackstyle in Berlin. I have that very same hood and it is very nice

  2. Zentaigai Gai (from FB): well I got it about 4 years ago so you are right it may no longer be in production which is sad because it truly is a great hood.

  3. Like Ra (from FB): Is there a built-in gag?

    Zentaigai Gai (from FB): no built in gag just nose tubes inside, which I found to be bothersome

  4. Zentaigai Gai (from FB): breathing is not too bad, the built in nose tubes irritated my nose so I trimmed them a bit and that worked out pretty well it does get difficult when trying to add hoods underneath or over top as the nose tubes are hard to line up.

  5. There are quite a few options but no photos or sizes. For example: D-rings (where?), collar (how wide?), gags (what size?), detachable gags (press studs?), etc.

    The hood is made from 1.2mm latex, there is another model with a back zip.

    I made a short list for my birthday (/blog/wp/archives/10534 ), not sure about what to choose 😉

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