Zentai and taekwondo or fetish gyms

Updated on Feb 28, 2011 @ 02:34:
To correct a bit what I said below. I still think that the best clothes for teaching and learning martial art is the same clothes as for teaching and learning ballet: tights and a long-sleeved leotard or a catsuit. (And the worst is hakama.) Only skin tight clothes allow to see if the pose, stands, movements, steps are correct and what they should be.

Zentai is not practical because of the hood and gloves, but really spectacular for demonstrations. See the video below.

Posted on Jan 06, 2011 @ 03:08:

I’m not sure I’m ready to combine martial arts training with fetish (yet). Yoga? Yes (see Rubber yoga). Fitness? Yes (See Latex fitness). Swimming, jogging – already done (see elsewhere in the blog). But martial arts… Mmmm…. I would stick to usual Gi.

But it’s not an issue for ZentaiViking Brown. See the hi-res video below. Lots of things to admire:

  • His body
  • His hair
  • His zentai suit
  • His dojo
  • His movements
  • His balance
  • His high kicks
  • Or the weather outside

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  1. Oh, crap….

    “Your video, Taekwondo in Zentai , may include content that is owned or administered by these entities:

    * Entity: UMG Content Type: Sound Recording “

  2. Agree 100% on the lycra for martial arts. The gi hides everything (it is only ancient Japanese underwear amyway) Bruce Lee fought in a leotard in his movies for dramatic effect, partly, but mostly because he thought tight clothing was the most practical for fighting. Look at the serious UFC fighters, etc, they’re with this idea. Tight is right for fighting.

  3. Allowing complete flexibility for kicks, no snagging, etc and the body displayed in all its lethal glory to intimidate the enemy. Martial arts and Lycra all the way!!

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