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Sitting down or suffer
Hello i need an senario
Big plug on à small stool.
hovering above THE plug
Or sit down on iT, but you have to suffer pain
Anyone can help me ?
Pictures ?
See this post and comments

But I think there was a forum thread somewhere...
Thanks for Your reaction

Maybe other senario
Like the picture
Ankles fixed back
Wirst fixed to front
Balls fixed to back
Nipples fixed to front

Or deep throat
Or ride the big plug

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(16 Sep 2014, 10:52 )slaafruben Wrote: Maybe other senario
Like the picture
That was my original idea, but I tried that in the shower and I did not like the plugs-body-neck-throat alignment. So it's back to the drawing board Wink
But i need an senorio for tonight ???
Then you can try your idea.

Any good methods to fix a dildo to a stool? Then you can tie your ankles to the stool legs and restrict the maximal height you can straighten your knees to with a rope between the stool and your waist (balls).

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