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Walk and Suffer
An idea I had to day. Hopefully I will be able to test it out. Tell me what you think. I am open to suggestion.

Fetish Dress
Hi Heels
Spandex Hood

Bondage Gear:
3 Tie Down straps (Cut for each part of leg)
Ankle Cuffs
Hand Cuffs
Pantyhose Legs Single Glove
Crotch Rope
Ball Gag

Torture Method:
Ear Plugs
Eletrco Penis Strap
Anal Plug
Chinese Tape Torture
Nipple Clamps
Ceiling Fan
Fishing line

Attach a lenght of fishing line to the ceiling fan. Make sure the line doesn't come off with a light tug (don't destory your fan). On the other end of the line attached a pair of nipple clamps. Attach a break away sting to the cord that turns on the fan. Put on the eletrco penis strap (ensure you have fresh battery). Using the Chinese Tape Torture method tape the rice to the bottom of your feet (make sure the rice is located the ball of your). Put on pantyhose halfway and insert the anal plug. Next put on your dress, crotch rope and hi heel.

Cuff your ankle using the ankle cuff. Tie your thigths and knees (below and above) using the straps. Gag you mouth and insert the ear plugs. Put the pantyhose Legs Single Glove halfway on, leaving on hands still free. Attach the nipple clamps to you nipple (Don't move around to much.) Put blindfold and spandex hood on. LAST CHANCE TO BACK OUT!!!!!!!!!! Insert hands in the pantyhose and handcuff your hands. Turn on the eletrco penis strap and pull the cord turning on the fan. Start walking and don't stop (If you do your nipple will remind you). By the way did you set-up your release method. ENJOY.
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Some things to mention.

o- What would be the release method?
o- Why do you meed walking? Bound like this you will not catch up with the ceiling fan anyway.
o- What happens if you fall? Again, bound like this and blindfolded, it's very easy to lose balance.
The relaese method was met to be a joke. First rule of self-bondage is allways have a way out?

If you place the fan on low. It should provide enough pull on the nipple. If you don't walk, the fan will pull your nipple.

The blindfold is an addition level of difficuilty. With fan set on slow you should not fall.

Night I plan on testing my ideas. If I can put the wife down hard. She a 5 hour and Red Bull monster.
Here's a drawing about "walk and suffer":  self-bondage-art-87.jpg   
The idea reminds me of the House of Gord's 'Pony Walker'. I won't post any hi-res pics as I have far too much respect for the excellent work of Gord available on his pay-site but a handful of tiny screen-shots will give you the idea.
 PW1.jpg     PW2.jpg     PW3.jpg     PW4.jpg   
Is there a way to do this, without a fan like in the discription ?

Something else that could pull me, and forces me to walk ?

A treadmill as used in TheHighHeely or Legsconnectedtowut's You Tube channels?



I would love that, but i dont have one, and as i`m not living alone, and theres always someone around, i cant get one either..

I know its hard, but i would love to do it.. maybe there is another option ?
(22 Nov 2010, 19:57 )LockedBoots Wrote: I would love that, but i dont have one, and as i`m not living alone, and theres always someone around, i cant get one either..

I know its hard, but i would love to do it.. maybe there is another option ?

Try this. Tie your self-up using the items describe. But don't tie you ankle. Chain them with about 5 inches space. Use achest tie and elbow tie. Attach the rope from your knees to ther chest tie. You may have to use a pulley system to apply tension to the rope (located the knees). Before you tie your elbows and hand behind your back apply the nipple clamps with weigths. Then the rest. You will need to walk to your key release slowly (Please Don't Fall). Or you stand still and let the clamps and weight over come your nipples.

Recommendation: don't use blindfold..

Take Pics.

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