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Need help improving a scenario
Hi everybody,

I'm a 25 year old male looking for ideas/advice for a scenerio I want to do. I plan on doing a spread eagle on my bed. I have some stuff already, willing to buy more stuff if needed. I want the scenerio to be strict but pleasing at the same time.

Deluxe locking wrist, ankle, thigh, waist restraints
padlocks and combo locks
ice locks- 2.5 hours, 4 hour, and 5 hour
Anal hook
Keg plug
Penis gag
Posture collar
Dog cage
Rope ratchets
Enema kit

high heels
Mini skirt
Sounds like you have just about everything you need.
But I didn't see a hood with a dildo gag and tube.
(29 Nov 2015, 17:06 )Tinker D Wrote: Sounds like you have just about everything you need.
But I didn't see a hood with a dildo gag and tube.

Thanks , do you know where I can order one from?
Check eBay?
Or you could ask Ra.
I really like this one but it don't have a breathing tube
Ok, get it and drill a tube in the dildo.
Insert a 1/2 tube in the penis gag and your ready to go.
What, you can't do an upgrade?
Don't pay $100 for a non leather one though. You can find more or less the same thing on eBay or Alixpress for 1/3 of that cost in PU.
do you also have some plugs or dildos? Cuse if you want a short scenario u can combine an enema with a plug Tongue
I would be careful about the gag, since, apparently, you don't have one and therefore probably do not know, how it feels after a while. Instead, how about a panel ball gag with holes in the ball, and a latex hood with mouth, nose and eye openings? You could still choke on your saliva, but basically, your breathing is not impaired.

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