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Best first release to try & help with a scenario
I've got 1-2 hours free on Friday when I''ll be undisturbed.

I've historically enjoyed private cross dressing, chastity, butt plugs etc. But I find I don't usually have the self-control to stop myself just getting excited and then cumming.

I've never done self-bondage, I've always been a bit intimidated I guess. I don't currently own hand cuffs but can easily get some ahead of thee session.

All the releases have lots of conditions and problems with them and am worried that I'll not be able to escape.

I'd quite like full crossdressing, chastity, maybe forced / repeat orgasms (never done) to be a part of it. 

Where should I start?
(28 Apr 2019, 16:33 )dulwichj Wrote: Where should I start?
You've aeady started in the correct direction. You have registered and posted 😋 Welcome!

(28 Apr 2019, 16:33 )dulwichj Wrote: chastity
That would be a very good continuation. So you will stay in the mood and won't ruin it.

(28 Apr 2019, 16:33 )dulwichj Wrote: 've never done self-bondage, I've always been a bit intimidated I guess.
Then my advice is to look around a bit. E.g. here:
Hi and welcome!

Yes, it can be daunting, but also a massive thrill. For your first session it may be worth doing either of the following.

Firstly. Have your hands restrained but only by rope or fabric. Even though your wrists are bound you can still cut it with a pair of safety scissors if needed.

Secondly, and this is what i did in my first proper attempt. I put the key for the hand cuffs in a tub of water and then put that in the freezer. Once it’s complwtely frozen you can remove it and put it near to where you are doing your session. It’s not an exact science as to how long it will take to melt, room temperatures etc/amount of water etc, but it can be sped up by trying to melt the ice with your hands etc.

Hope this helps!
Best release for rope bondage is a good pair of safety scissors.These scissors have rounded tips and "harmless" cutting edges. Try them on the rope you are going to use.
In many cases, this is just the backup, because rope, especially in self-bondage, can often be escaped without tools - matter of experience of course.

To start with, how about some self-bondage that you can escape easily? Some methods here:
Thank you so much for all of this and suggested reading. I'll let you know how I get on

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