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Need help with a session / idea
So I want to do a session where im tied up and forced to cum multiple times.
Unfortunately I don't really know how I could approach this.

First of all this is this is the stuff I own:

- Fairy Mini Vibrator with Hummingbird Attachment
- Time switch
- Some Rope
- Smaller lashing straps
- A pair of handcuffs
- Ballgag
- Ring gag
- 1 or 2 metal rings
- Different sized butt plugs (tend to fall out)
- penis shaped dildo
- nipple clamps
- ~2 padlocks

I want the vibrator to stimulate my cock for a few minutes, then stop, continue later and so on. But I don't know how I can tie myself to accomplish that. It always seems like I could just struggle making the vibrator fall of. I also can't tie myself to a bed, because im only owning a sleeper sofa.
Any ideas on what's the best way to get it done properly and what I could add to the session? Btw I'd prefer using rope over handcuffs.

Thanks for any advice
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You can start with this:
Or check the section

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